Mar. 26th, 2010

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I have a new job! :D

Finally! It's only been two years since I graduated *g*. Not that I've been searching hard that long, but that month leave I took from supermarket job to find something full-time really paid off. The company is a large news agency, and I'll be working keeping their databases up to date. Mostly data entry, but it's a start in the field I want to be in, and I'm hugely excited about it. A bit wibbly, too - I always wibble about change, even though I know from experience I deal with it rather well - but mostly excited.

So yes. A few months on a full-time pay and paying off my credit card, and I should be able to save enough to afford to move out of home, which I think will be very good for me (I'll be twenty-four this year, it needs to happen soon!)

In other news, I am currently ripping through Robert Jordan's epic twelve-book (so far) fantasy saga, The Wheel of Time. Oh my god, you guys. Seriously. Everyone should read this (though of course, be prepared for it to eat your life a little). It's just... well, twelve books is a lot to encompass in a few words, and I'm not finished yet, but there is so much awesome. The plots are twisty and interesting and the world is rich and vivid, and the CHARACTERS. There is so much room in twelve books for all sorts of intricacies in relationships, and so many different characters, and it's all brilliantly done. The best thing, though, in my opinion, are the sheer number of strong women, a great many of them older. This world has its magic, of course, and the people who can access it are primarily women, Aes Sedai. They have their own city, and they bring all the young women who can be taught to study there, and they are clever and strong and often kind of cunning and scheming with and against each other and generally awesome, and there is almost one in every chapter. I know there are a lot of people on my flist who share the love of powerful, older female characters, and all of you should definitely pick up the first book of this series, just for the abundance of them as you make your way through.


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