Apr. 3rd, 2010


Apr. 3rd, 2010 02:33 pm
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i. My Beholder fic is finished, edited, HAS A TITLE (wtf, hardest part this time) and is sent off to the Mod. Yaye! Thanks to my fabulous beta (you know who you are) for all your suggestions :). Now, just two weeks until posting starts. Longest two weeks ever? I can't wait! My favourite exchange! :D

ii. Worked my last contracted shift at Woolworths on Thursday. It was hell on earth. Seriously, you'd think Good Friday was the bloody apocalypse, instead of just ONE WHOLE DAY WE WERE SHUT. Dear customers, You won't starve in one day. Really. No love, me. So yes, it was wonderful to get away from there (at 2AM omg wtf). I am staying on casual, maybe to do one shift a month or so, just to keep in contact with everyone, but I can't do a shift for like three and a half weeks (until my annual leave is paid out in hours), so that will give me a few weeks to settle into my new job without having to concern myself with Woolies at all.

iii. New job starting on Wednesday. omfg ahsahjahjakkaa. I'm kind of excited and kind of nervous and scared of change all at the same time. One thing I do know is that my routine is going to change dramatically. No more sleeping from 3am-11am for me. Am working on that over the long weekend.

iv. I think I'm going to participate in [livejournal.com profile] minerva_fest this year. Prompts are now open. I will submit some today, or maybe tomorrow. It sounds fun. I'm feeling the Minerva love lately - remembering all my mad affection for the older ladies of HP canon - and I think I would like to write her again.

v. Speaking of Minerva love, check out this hilarious post over at [livejournal.com profile] chickfight. I don't follow the community - I think it's just some kind of 'who would win the hypothetical fight' type comm, with one eventual champion, but I saw Minerva's fight pimped in [livejournal.com profile] potter_women the other day, and went over to take a look. Min didn't win :( - the poll was already closed by the time I got there - but the thread is worth reading just for all the Minerva love in the comments. My favourite snippet: "In short, cross Professor Minerva McGonagall and she will fuck. you. up." Hell yeah.


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