Jun. 2nd, 2010

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So, lately I've been seeing a whole lot of ads for [livejournal.com profile] baitandbleed RPG popping up all over my flist, and like anyone with a penchant for intriguing RP worlds and few powers of resistance, I wandered over and took a look.

Damn, it looks interesting. Fascinating premise - a world you could really flail around in. Characters who seem solidly written, well-thought and not over the top drama. Age-appropriate and not all heroin-chic supermodel PBs (an important thing for me. Nothing makes me run away from a game faster than a fifty-year-old character played by a thirty-year-old PB, or a post-Azkaban Deatheater who's all chiselled-sexy without a grey hair to show for his imprisonment). I decided I probably didn't have time for a game, then left the tab open, then went back to peek at what the minimum posting requirements would be, and read the rules. Everything looked awesome and totally do-able.

Until I came to the part about posting format, which is in the form of present tense,

*actions inside asterisk*

and dialogue in plain text.

And immediately I cringed, because that would drive me insane.

I know it's something that is fairly common in RPG writing, and lots of people seem comfortable with it, but it made me curious about whether I am in a minority. They have a suggestion box over at [livejournal.com profile] baitandbleed, and I'm considering leaving a comment about it, but I don't want it to sound like 'I don't like this one aspect of your game so you should totally change it for me, because I'm a special snowflake'. The Mods have created an awesome premise, and what looks like it will be a fabulous game, and they are entitled to run it in whatever way they and their players wish. The only reason I am even considering posting a comment about it is because I am wondering if other people might be like me and put off by something like that, and then they just don't apply, and the Mods never have any idea that this might have been an issue for some people that stopped them from applying.

So. Curious. Is it just me, or are there people on my flist who would also be put off by playing that way? I know there are RPers from all sorts of places on my flist, who play in all kinds of different ways, so I am curious about your opinions. Would you be put off? And, if not, would you be put off by a 'paragraphs and quotation marks' fic style of writing?

Also, Firefox, where is my squiggly red line spellchecker? You can't give me that most of the time and then just, not, today, for some reason, because it makes it look like an over-enthusiastic monkey typed my LJ posts. I am used to the red line telling me when I spell a word wrong, so I forget to check when it does not appear. Please return it forthwith.


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