Jun. 6th, 2010

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Had soup and scones for dinner. Delicious. Looooove soup. Yay winter! Watched The Secret Life of Bees, which was wonderful. A marvellous adaptation of the book. A cast full of strong, wonderful women (and yes, I include Dakota Fanning in that list, because she has a remarkable talent and is growing up in a dignified, lovely way that all child actors should take note of).

And then, on a whim, I re-watched The Bat. My God, I'd forgotten how awesome this movie is. Not only is it one of Agnes Moorehead's only starring roles, it is also absolutely awesome fun! It passes the Bechdel test many times, and oh my god it is so gay. Aggie's character, Cornelia, is a woman of independent means a mystery writer - who is staying at a creepy old house for the summer. She is accompanied by her 'maid', called Lizzie, also an unmarried woman of a similar age, and they share Cornelia's bedroom 'for mutual safety' and clutch each other in fear or for comfort throughout the movie, and seriously, it couldn't be more obvious if it jumped through the window and smacked you in the face.

Even more joyfully, Cornelia refers to herself and Lizzie as 'strong women', and they continually prove that they are that throughout the film. Cornelia is remarkably level-headed considering there's a murderer with claws running around the house killing people, and though she does have a moment of needing to be rescued (which I choose to attribute to her being claustrophobic and having a panic attack, because seriously the air in a sealed room does not run out in half an hour), it is totally Lizzie who comes to her aid, because the men in the story are brave but largely ineffectual. Which is awesome, because while men are not always ineffectual, it is awesome to see women who are clever and pragmatic working things out for themselves.

Oh yeah, and this film was made in 1959. Perhaps I can make copies and post it to every Hollywood producer who has forgotten that women can be awesome too, and even when they're over forty!


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