Jun. 28th, 2010

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Because nothing says 'I'm not working' like bursting into a fit of uncontrollable giggles at your desk. Which is what I did, this morning, when this popped up on my flist.

Just thought I might pass it on.
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So tonight I updated my fic masterlist - expanded the 'fanfic100 prompt table link' because it meant nothing was visible, and also, wtf, there is no way I am ever going to finish that. 100 fics sounds easy until you actually start writing them. This was possibly me being productive, but also possibly me procrastinating the story I'm trying to write right now. Dear fic, this was meant to be an easy little thing to keep my brain amused so it didn't start writing my [livejournal.com profile] minerva_fest fic three months in advance and then go insane waiting for posting to happen. You have no business being so lazy and hard. Please get easier, because you are so far possibly awesome, even though you are only, like, 2 pages, and the second half of the pairing is off somewhere trying on satin blouses or something and hasn't even shown up yet. I am determined to make you work, so please Get On With It, because I would like to start aforementioned fest fic in early July, since I forsee it growing a mind of its own and being epic. Kthx, Me.

Anyway, yes. So AFTER messing around with my fic list, I went and updated the Rita Skeeter Masterlist, which was desperately in need of it. I reorganised it a little, too. Gen is at the top, then humour/crack, pairing in alphabetical order of character where there are at least two stories, Other Pairings, Art, and then dead links sitting all sad at the bottom.

I think I got everything? I am uncertain, because there were a few months there where I failed to read my flist, like, at all, but people do tend to poke me in the direction of Rita fics when they're posted. Still, if you know of anything that I've left off, please let me know? Also, if there are any more dead links I didn't catch, or invisible b0rked coding? Or if you know of somewhere I can find any of the listed dead links? (FYI, I think - I HOPE - FictionAlley is just down. It's coming back, right?)

Conclusions I have come to from updating the list. The world needs Rita/Xeno, more Rita/Bellatrix (either fem or fucked up schoolgirl friendship, or both), more Rita/Minerva because they are AWESOME, more Rita/Rufus for the same reason, and also I have written so many weird and wonderful pairings.

Bring on the DH promo pics! I hope there'll be a Rita Renaissance!


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