Jul. 4th, 2010


Jul. 4th, 2010 06:59 pm
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i. Last night I had a random urge to see Casino Royale again, so I did. Hired it, but I should buy it, because it is awesome. And then, of course, I went back and re-read that fabulous Bond/M fic, If Headaches Persist, Shoot Your Agent from last year's Yuletide, and THEN I went and read everything on the Archive of Our Own that is Bond/M. Dude, there are a whole handful of M and Bond/M fics there! More than I expected. It was joyous!

ETA: I love that one of these fics is tagged with, after the pairings and characters, Adultery, Age Difference, Tea

ii. So, starting tomorrow, I am quitting smoking again. I have lost count of what attempt this is, but wtfever. This time, I have made myself a poster for my bedroom wall, on which I can make an X every week for the $50 I have saved by not smoking. I added it up a few weeks ago, and smoking costs me $2500 a year (a conservative estimate). That's enough for a plane ticket and a trip overseas, if I put that fifty bucks into my special savings account every week. I am hoping that this thought (and the poster right up in my face) will sustain me, because dear god I want to travel again, so badly.

iii. I restarted the fic again. That first two pages was okay, but it was waffle that had nothing to do with the story I am actually trying to tell, so I chopped it and started from the point where the story actually begins. I think it did me good to write it - getting back inside Willa's head, since I haven't written her since SHH - but kinda useless. Which, facepalm, but okay. Maybe I'll post that other bit as like a drabble/ficlet, once I'm sure I don't want to rip bits out of it.

iv. It's funny. Since watching Nine a few weeks ago and trying to write this Willa fic, I'm feeling the Judi love again like whoah, and watching her in things, I'm just like *happy sigh of love*, and then I remember I met this woman, twice. And made her smile. And it was the best birthday present OF MY LIFE. And it's funny how you kind of forget that sometimes, and also how you can do that, meet someone outside a stage door and stuff, and it doesn't really change the fact that the person exists in your head also, or how they exist in your head. Maybe that sounds insane, but it made perfect sense last night on my fifth glass of Baileys, and kind of still does now. Because yes. You see this person right close up, in person, and you know that they are in fact a person and not just an image on the screen, but somehow they still are an image on a screen/in your head? Because you can't imagine for a moment that a thirty second encounter, as awesome and amazing as it was, gives you any further insight into who this person actually is, so they remain a construct of your imagination as much as a real person?

I don't know. Maybe I sound like a lunatic. So I am going to go now.

oh, v. The air conditioning is on, and my brother just made ham and eggs for dinner. Now my bedroom smells like eggs, and it's making me feel vaguely nauseous because of the Not Hungry I am experiencing after having chicken nuggets with melted cheese on them for lunch at 4pm.


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