Jul. 21st, 2010

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04. Your favorite movie

Goblet of Fire, no question. Sure, it has some problems - that stupidly long dragon sequence that amounted to little more than CGI masturbation (five minutes that might have been used to actually explain what Priori Incantatum was to non-book-fan viewers), but I loved Goblet so much. Rita, Rita, Rita is probably the main reason - she just oozed sex and bitchiness all over the place. I also loved the humour in this one, the real boarding school feel it had (especially with the Yule Ball), the way the Quidditch World Cup was handled. The ending was every bit as brutal as in the book, and possibly more so - the moment that Harry returns to Hogwarts with Cedric's body and the fanfare and cheers turn to screams chills me to the bone, right there with Amos Diggory's grief.

I also felt that that the story of the book was mostly in tact here. Sure, they cut out Rita-the-animagus, but her hilarious and awesome scenes more than made up for that. Snape revealing his Dark Mark to the Minster being cut made me sad, but I can sort of see how it would have taken away from the power of the ending in the visual text. SPEW being cut didn't bother me much at all, TBH. And I couldn't give a toss that Hermione's dress was pink instead of blue.

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