Jul. 26th, 2010

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Fristly, muchly amusing reading:

“Raptors” Versus T-Rex: An Analysis In Prehistoric Fright

Six Words That Need to be Banned From the English Language

Secondly, moar meme:

08. Your favorite ship(s)

Well. Where do I begin? As I'm sure you've all probably noticed, I am a complete whore for rarepairs. I never had much at all invested in any of the canon ships, and for me, writing a pairing is not about having an OTP so much as throwing two people together convincing people that this could work (with varying levels of success, I suspect). Reading, I am the same. I love novelty. I love seeing a pairing I never would have thought of rendered well. Sometimes, I'll read fics featuring characters I wouldn't usually bother with, simply because the pairing is so bizarre that I just want to see.

That said, there are a few pairings I return to, or that have a special place in my heart.

Minerva/Harry. I know. WTF, I hear you say, but this is one of the 'special place' pairings. The first rarepair fic I ever wrote was Minerva/Harry, and while I don't like the story much now (I was sventeen when I wrote it, I think, and a lot of my earlier fic makes me cringe a bit now), it was the first taste I had of people going 'What? Are you insane? Hey, this actually kind of... works.' It was a heady thing, being able to do things like that with characters, and it cemented my love of rarepairs forever.

Minerva/Hooch. It was reading [livejournal.com profile] minerva_fan's wonderful KittyHawk that introduced me to femslash, and god, am I pleased I found it. Discovering femslash and truly embracing my love of older women characters lead me to the realisation and acceptance that I wasn't as straight as I'd thought I was, and opened up whole new worlds of appreciation and inspiration.

Rita/everyone. No, seriously. I'll read her with anyone. Write me Rita/Giant Squid tentacle porn and I'll read it. But I most especially love:

Rita/Hermione. Cross-gen. An imbalance of power (not in Rita's favour). One of the first Rita pairings I ever discovered, and it was hot hot hot.

Rita/Minerva. Two of my favourite women. Need I say more?

Rita/Snape. This one is as close to an OTP as I have. I just. It's perfect, okay? A pair of snarky, ambitious Slytherins, with dashes of Deatheater and sensationalism. Especially awesome after reading DH, because it suddenly became so totally fucked up because there are few people less like Lily Potter than Rita Skeeter, and I can totally see it happening because of that, rather than despite it. You are not her, indeed.

Rita/Rufus. Once again with the snark. There is also some power play (as in, Rufus is the Minster, bitches, but he actually can't do anything about Rita being an infuriatingly nosy journalist, which is awesome). So they can snark at each other and she can taunt him and he can not so secretly want her. OR they can be a pair of very ambitious people who make a fantastic team against the world. I like them either way.

Of course, there are also all of the pairings I've ever RP'd: Rita/Kingsley, Rita/Ollivander, Rita/Neville, Rita/Irma (well, not really, but it might have happened, in Rita's mind, and they did have a fantastic friendship, so it counts to me), Muriel/George.

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