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Jul. 30th, 2010 09:18 am
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Fuck traffic. Fuck it right in the ear. I left the house 1.5 hours ago outside peak hour this drive takes 20 minutes.

Thank god for smart phones and lj flists.

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So, I'm at work now. I have my coffee. The world is back on its axis. And it is Friday, which means I get to sleep forever tonight (and possibly watch The Men's Room, which will apparently scar me for life or something, so I'm quite looking forward to it). Even if I am doing a supermarket shift on Saturday night. Hopefully it won't be too busy, and there will be money, so that will be nice.

Anyway, I've been avoiding this meme entry for two days because it sounded like it was going to take forever, but I decided this morning on my long-ass drive that I'm not really sure it would.

10. Favorite book moment(s)

There are so many moments that I love that its hard to think of them all. It really is. I can think of a few that I was full of glee when reading - the twins leaving Hogwarts is the biggest of those, and several that I loved for the characters being awesome - 'We teachers tend to be rather good at magic' and Minerva's display of solidarity with Sybill in OotP - damn classy of her, since she makes it clear in PoA that she doesn't like Sybill at all. Aunt Muriel in DH, being caustic and hilarious. Rita Skeeter all dishevelled and acidic in OotP. Not my daughter, you bitch. And some that I love for the sheer power of them - Cedric's death, Dobby's death, Harry in the forest, don't call me a coward.

But if I had to pick one, just one, it would be the Christmas scene from PoA. I just. 'Tripe, Sybill?' and 'Imagine that' and just that entire idea of almost all of the students home for the holidays and so Christmas dinner being this tiny little affair with all of the teaachers and students at the one table. It appeals to me on a pure fantasist level. I was the kind of student who absolutely adored my teachers (quietly, because not being quiet about it in high school was an invitation to mockery), and I lived for any glimpse I could get behind the 'teacher facade'. I can imagine, were I a student at Hogwarts, that I would have been exactly the same. So a dinner like that would have been a dream come true, to me.

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