Aug. 1st, 2010

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To the wank that seems to be going down at [ profile] crack_broom, I have to say: LOL

No, seriously. People butthurt because their pairing has been demoted to a rarepair? Oh, the horror! You will see less recs on one particular comm for fic you will most likely be made aware of already by your flists/newsletters/other communities? Disaster!

Forgive me, but as someone who sees new fic featuring her favourite character once every three of four months (Beholder, usually at least one for a holiday exchange of some kind, and the occasional person who writes one out of the blue - ILU!), you must see how incredibly amused I am by the butthurt.

May I recommend reading Internet Drama and You? I think there are some people who could do with the 3Ps right now (that was written for RPers, but the ideas are equally as valid when talking about fanfic).

Now, on with the meme. Is it just me, or are some of these getting ever so slightly repetitive?

12. Favorite movie scene

Well, I love the movies, so it's kind of hard. I am frequently blown away by the sheer shiny, and only later do I realise what is missing, or on re-watching notice things that are actually kind of annoying. So I love a lot of the movie scenes: Every single one of Rita's, Minerva's, Snape's. Others? David Bradley's Filch is amazing, Lucius being dead sexy in CoS, Poppy Pomfrey! I really enjoyed Gemma Jones as Poppy in CoS, and was glad to see her again in HBP, even if she had no lines. Maybe in DH she'll get to say something? I love the Quidditch World Cup and the Yule Ball in GoF, loved seeing the Ministry of Magic in OotP, and yes, lots.

One of my favourite scenes, though, off the top of my head, didn't even make it into the films. It is the deleted scene in which Minerva addresses the Gryffindor common room after Sirius Black breaks in, and not only does she have her hair out (yay!), but Sir Cadogan (I LOVE SIR CADOGAN. IS THERE FIC ABOUT SIR CADOGAN?) is absolutely seriously trying to ravish the girl in the portrait before Minerva wants to speak to him. This scene is awesome. I am very sad that Sir Cadogan and hairout!Minerva got cut, but am glad we got to see it on the deleted scenes (I am absolutely certain they filmed more Rita than we got to see - there are pictures of her in costume during the third task, and when Harry is howling over Cedric's body, you can see, in the shadows, a hint of red coat that probably belonged to her, and why would they put her in costume and have her there unless they originally filmed her doing a bit more than sitting there/standing around? But we never got to see any of that, so my guess is that it all ended up on the cutting room floor somewhere. With any luck, after all the films are made, some ludicrously long and expensive re-releases will happen, featuring all the extra fun stuff they had left lying around).

Here are the deleted scenes from PoA. The one I'm talking about starts at about 4:36. Watching the first few seconds of this reminds me how much I hate the shrunken head.

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Wow. Memes are a useful tool of procrastination. Have one about TV shows.

Pick five of your favourite shows, in no particular order, before you read the below questions, then answer them!

1. Law and Order: SVU
2. Third Rock From the Sun
3. Skins
4. Bewitched
5. Teachers

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