Aug. 2nd, 2010

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Two Art Recs:

I'm On A Horse by [ profile] thilia - Blaise/Centaur - PG

Why yes, this is a reference to the Old Spice Guy, and is MADE OF AWESOME.

Can I Blow Your Whistle? by [ profile] siriuslysnogged - Tonks/Hooch - G.

Interesting pairing, great colours. I like the interpretation of Hooch, too. She looks very different to other Hooches I've seen.

Today's meme question:

13. Least favorite character(s)

This one is really hard. As I've said before, I'm not very discerning when I'm reading/watching, so I tend to just enjoy things as they are presented. I can't think of any characters that I actually hate, like, ever, but on reflection there are some I don't really give a toss about.

The Marauders are pretty much it, in HP. I just can't summon much desire to care about them. Remus is the exception - I do like him - but Sirius and James are exactly the kind of arrogant pretty-boys I really wouldn't bother giving the time of day. Peter is marginally interesting because of his storyline, but still, yeah. Not a lot of interest. The entire Maurauder era is something I'm fairly 'meh' about. Go earlier, to when Rita, Bellatrix, Lucius and Narcissa started school, and yeah, I'm all over that, but the Hogwarts years populated by the Mauarders and Lily? Meh. I love Snape, but I much prefer him as an adult.

There are a few characters I have a bit of a problem with - Ginny especially, and the way she is is presented as TOTALLY AWESOME while hexing people because they say things she doesn't like, while people like Pansy and Draco are horrible human beings when they do that. I get that that's mostly because of Harry being the POV character, but yeah. That rubs me the wrong way.

Mostly, though, while I'm reading, I'm pretty oblivious to any form of criticism (Im not sure this is a good thing).

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So, these 30 Day Memes are awesome, and I'm finding the HP one is great way to get myself posting every day (it also gives me something to do at work when I need to skive off for a bit). It's also lots of fun to read everyone else's answers/discuss things/etc. I keep thinking that I'd love to do another one when I'm done with the HP one (I don't know why I'm thinking about it, since I'm not even half done yet and maybe I'll be entirely over it by the time I'm finished), and I've been looking at all the other versions that are popping up around the place. None of them really appeal, though, since what I'd love is one that lets me talk about all the awesome female characters I've discovered over the years, and how I'd love to read about other people's favourites from every fandom they can think of/real life women. So I was thinking I could make one, and wanted to test out the questions I thought of on my drive home today.

Tell me what you think?

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