Aug. 4th, 2010

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15. Whatever tickles your fancy

So guys. What are your favourite spells? What would you absolutely love to be able to do?


Accio. Damn. I might never move again if I could cast this spell. How awesome would it be?

Apparition/Floo/Portkey. No traffic, ever again! Being able to visit my friends overseas for the day/weekend! I imagine that in the WW, international floo/portkey would cost, just like things do in thr Muggle world, but in my fantasy, at least, it wouldn't be nearly as expensive as goddam international plane flights. And it would be instant! Yay!

Animagi. Dude, how awesome are animagi? How fun would it be to be able to turn into an animal? I mean, some people must go to all that effort to become one only to be something crap (seriously, would you even consider registering if your animagus form was, like, a snail?) I think I like Minerva's form best. I mean, cats are small and sneaky, but they're also not anywhere near as vulnerable as, say, beetles. Best of both worlds, being a cat. Because you can imagine, say, when James Potter discovered what his form was, he would have been all 'hmm, well, this is inconspicuous...', and I can totally see why Rita wouldn't want to register, because it's one thing to be a beetle that's just a beetle, and another entirely to have people know that they could quite literally crush you. I also don't imagine she could stay in her form for terribly long, because a mammal is one thing, but turning into an invertebrate? I mean, they don't even have lungs.

I'm totally behind Snape being a Puffin animagus, btw. The nose!

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Icon Meme

Aug. 4th, 2010 09:21 pm
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[ profile] minervas_eule chose these icons for me to talk about. Here is the meme:

- Reply to this post with the word ICONS! and I will pick six of your icons
- Make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose
- Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts
- This will create a never ending cycle of icon glee.

by [ profile] flip18

I love the text on this one. 'Compact and Portable Giant' is such an awesome way to describe Judi - she is such a powerhouse of acting, and energy, and awesome, all in this very convenient compact and portable size :D (she really is absolutely tiny, which you can see in scenes like the one in 'Mrs Henderson Presents' when Bob Hoskins puts her on top of a cupboard omg, but which isn't especially obvious when she's filling up scenes with her commanding presence).

by [ profile] evitaporter

I love Petunia - dysfunctional fictional people are a favourite of mine - and this just sums her up beautifully, I think. The Other Sister, who wasn't beautiful, or magical, and who has spent her life being regretful and bitter.

by [ profile] mariarita

Reminds me of a wonderful time in my life, and a place I long to go back to.

by me.

Endora really does look wicked in the full version of this picture. Unfortunately, shrunk to icon size, the expression was lost, so I decided to crop it in a way that showed off Agnes' fabulous legs. They seem to convey the wickedness well enough ;).

by me

Well, sarcasm is awesome, y/y? This is LJ. We need icons like this from time to time *g*.

by [ profile] enginedriven

Because Lucius Malfoy is a sexy bastard (with the emphasis on bastard), and his long blonde hair tied back with a velvet ribbon makes me horny happy. I have a bit of a thing for long-haired men :D.


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