Aug. 14th, 2010

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I'm behind on the meme. I shall be catching up a bit shortly.

BUT FIRST. FIRST GLIMPSE of Xeno Lovegood, Rufus Scrimgeour and Bathilda Bagshot from DH!

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Ooh, Rufus looks angry :D.

Xeno might be a little young.

And Bathilda, well. I'm sure she'll be creepy as hell. Which is really all that's necessary for that character.

Go here to see the rest of the article I snipped this from.
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22. Your favourite villain

HP villains are pretty cool. Voldemort is a pretty scary villain. A bit cardboard, but pretty scary. Bellatrix is batshit crazy, and kind of attractive in that way cruel, sadistic women can be to the people intrigued by them. Umbridge is terrifying because she is so real, the most 'real-world' of the villains in the series. Fenrir Greyback is skin-crawlingly skeevy. Seriously, Rowling's choice to put an obvious metaphor for a child rapist into her children's series was just gah, yes. He is the most disgusting villain in the series, in the visceral sense of 'disgusting'.

My favourites villains, though, are the Malfoys. I love them because they're the ones she humanised. All those others I mentioned are so black and white; caricatures, if scary ones. I love the fact that Jo showed us, in the Malfoys, that there actually can be shades of grey. She showed us a family who believe wholeheartedly in the ideologies of their leader, but had perhaps found themselves in too deep with the actual figurehead (I don't believe that they ever wanted him to come back.) She showed us people who were nasty to others they considered less than them, but were at the same time a loyal and loving family. They, along with Snape, are the only Deatheaters we get a sense of humanity from, and I really love that Jo chose to write them that way.

23. Share some HP icons

That I made? I'm guessing so, because I couldn't even begin to 'share icons' if they included every HP icon I'd ever seen that I adored.

It's funny, because most of my more recent icons (read: better) aren't actually HP, but here are a few I've done that I quite like:

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24. Rant about Steve Kloves something

I really have no strong opinion on Steve Kloves.

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