Aug. 19th, 2010

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Well, that was a surreal experience. I just bought tights from 'We Love Colors' for my stepfather. Apparently, this year's Valla theme is 'medieval'. They're planning Robin Hood and Maid Marian. What I find most amusing was that my mother asked me where I thought she might be able to get green tights for men, and I knew the answer immediately. I love you, internet.

Speaking of loving the internet, I got this promotional coupon from Borders in my inbox today:

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Seriously, if someone actually turns up at Borders in their budgie smugglers on the weekend just for an extra 5% discount, they win at life.

For those not in the know, Julia Gillard 'the ranga' and Tony Abbott 'the budgie smuggler', the two main contenders in this weekend's election (bipartisan image posting - they both look ridiculous).

While I'm on the election, check out this Old Spice Man Parody that was on last night's episode of the Chaser's 'Yes We Canberra'. I can't decide if it's funny and clever or incredibly sad (probably both, really - clever parody, sad because it's true).

And now, meme. Nearly finished!

29. Favourite location

Diagon Alley and surrounds. If I were a Muggleborn stepping into the Wizarding world for the first time, I can't imagine anything would ever trump that first sight of the hub of the British Wizarding World - the shops, the people, the life going by. If I were there now, I would buy ice-cream at Fortescue's an just sit and watch, take it all in. I can't imagine a better end to my summer holidays than that chapter in PoA when Harry gets to stay at a room at the Leaky Cauldron and wander around all day. I love cities - the people, the atmosphere, the bustle - so I really don't think I could go past where it's all at in London.

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