Oct. 16th, 2010

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1. Someone you've loved since you were little


~ Endora ~

Endora is one of the characters I have loved since I was a little girl. Along with The Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz, I credit her as my 'first favourite witch'. I used to dress up as her and pretend to cast spells on my brother. I used to tell anyone who would listen that I was a witch. My mother has a letter I wrote to her when I was about seven in which I claim that I will die because she took away my 'magic hat' that gave me my 'life force' (she took away the hat because I trashed my bedroom and wouldn't clean it up). So that obsession with witches? I guess you could say it never went away.

Endora is awesome. She's powerful, and formidable, and also cheeky, with a impeccable sense of mischief. The thing I loved most about her as a child was how bright and bold she was, I suppose, and how much fun it would be to be a witch (especially one who was always playing tricks on people). As an adult, I love her attitude. I love her feminism in a time that hadn't quite made it to feminism yet. I love that her problem with Darrin isn't so much that he is mortal, but that he wants her daughter to give up her magic. I love how protective she is of her daughter's heritage and culture, and how she absolutely never gives up the fight. I love that she is certainly a flawed character - petty and selfish and sometimes downright cruel - but that we always get the sense of how much she loves her daughter, and later grandchildren (with the exception of one episode which I absolutely hate and think was totally OOC for her). I love that she is separated from/has an open relationship with her husband. They weren't allowed to say 'divorce' on American television in the 1960s, but it is quite clear from both direct speech and innuendo that Endora and Maurice did not live together and had no desire to, although they occasionally flirted or became jealous of each other's lovers. And it's clear they both had lovers. A powerful, multi-layered older woman who obviously has an active sex life? What is not to love about this character?

Add to it that both the character and the actress have become an icon for the queer community (fabulous and proud of what she is! yeah!), and that just makes her legacy even more wonderful.

Extra tidbit: a fabulous interview with agnes on the Bewitched set. Seriously, I'm petty sure I want to be just like this when I grow up. She's so blunt and opinionated no wonder I picked her for Muriel's PB, hm?

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