Nov. 3rd, 2010

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So I thought I'd update with an actual update today, instead of the needs-posting meme entry. Maybe I'll do the meme later (if I need the procrastination), or tomorrow. Or something.

I've been applying for jobs, but not so many last week as the week before, and not yet this week. Spent this morning taking my car over for service/rego check (argh, ngh, two new tyres and rear brake pads waaaah my wallet), then borrowing my mother's car to run a few errands. One of which was picking up the new Wheel of Time novel.

I HAS ME A COPY OF TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT, BITCHES. Once I crack the cover, don't expect to see me until I'm done.

This morning when I woke up, there was a comment in my inbox that told me that An Interesting and Difficult Woman has been nominated for a Deathly Hallows Award! :D :D :D Thank you to whoever it was that nominated it!

I am still catching up over at [ profile] minerva_fest, and I'm also reading at [ profile] hp_darkfest, which started posting on Halloween and has had some killers already so far. Seriously, guys, you all need to go and read this one:

The Road To Hell | Ginny/Harry, Kingsley | R | Harry and Ginny are young and in love, but can they escape the scars that the War has left behind?

THIS FIC. I CAN'T. Omg, seriously. The summary doesn't give anything away, here, doesn't even begin to talk about what is happening here, but trust me that this story is deeply, deeply unsettling and brilliantly written. I don't want to give away what unfolds as you read it, but just go. Now. Why are you still here?

On a completely different note, watch this. Made by a guy called Colin, based on cartoons from Hyperbole and a Half:


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