Dec. 31st, 2010

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YOU GUYS. I seriously fail at life. So somehow, yesterday, I managed to miss a chunk of my flist somehow? IDEK. But that chunk of flist was the chunk of flist in which my [ profile] hoggywartyxmas gift was posted, and now I feel like a complete arse for a) leaving my writer wondering what the hell was going on for like a whole day, and b) not reading this ABSOLUTELY AMAZING STORY sjsgjsghsggss IMMEDIATELY.

Seriously. I can't even. This story has just about EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED, and I command you to all go and read it RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND OKAY?

Spinsters on a Sunday Morning
Irma Pince/Minerva McGonagall, with bonus Rita Skeeter :D | Light R | The headmistress is retiring, and Rita Skeeter is sent to interview her. Oh, how she looks forward to that.

Seriously I don't think I can write a coherent rec for this without writing a five paragraph essay like my review comment, but it's just, gah. There is snarky, vain Rita, there is realistic age depiction and older women being sexual beings, there is complicated emotion and people realising slowly how much they mean to each other. There is discussion of the power of words and language, and queer representation (or lackthereof) in wizarding media. There is just. So much. Awesome. In this. Story.

Even if you never read femslash, or older women, go and read this story. Because I want to give this Mystery Author unicorns and puppies, but comments from people who totally wouldn't usually read this but omg it really works is maybe something I can manage, so go :).


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