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Every year, I do a round-up of all the fics I wrote last year. Usually, I do it in January. But I totally forgot this time, probably because I only wrote three fics last year. Still, I like having a list of everything I wrote in chronological order and easy to see, so I'm going to post it now. May is still early in the year, right? ;)

March 23 - Beetle Dreams Rita/Luna, R.

May 20 - Apart - Draco/Rita, NC-17.

December 25 - Red Herring - Miss Scarlet and OFC, PG, Clue.

Better late than never, hm? Also better late than never, thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes ♥.

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A bit late this year, but I had to wait for Yuletide and Smutty_Claus to be revealed. I definitely beat last year's offering of three fics. Still not as good as the year I wrote 24 (seriously, wtf, HOW?), but I'm quite happy with it! :)

Jan 22 - Glass - Rita/Lucius, R.

Feb 1 - And Here's to You, Mrs Robinson - Rita/Neville, NC-17.

May 13 - To Earth, Like Ashes - Rita/Igor, R.

September 17 - The Minister's Wife - Rita/Rufus, NC-17.

November 3 - My Heart, My Life - Farquhar Chevening/Susan Gilchrist, St. Ives, NC-17.

December 24 - Said the Spider to the Fly - Rita/Sirius, NC-17.

December 25 - The Birthday Party - Edmund/Lizzie, Blackadder, PG.

Hmm, yes. I'm quite happy with that. It's also interesting the way fic goesd up when RP goes down. In '07, I RP'd so much that I had little time for anything else. Last year, I RP'd less and wrote more fic. This year, I think I need to get more original stuff written, so that I might eventually have a career, and keep up about this level of fic-writing. As sad as it is to say it, I think RP eats my life, so I'm not planning on becoming OMGactive in it again, though I am enjoying the occasional thread.
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My effort last year was rather pathetic, and this is hardly worth doing. But I've done it for the last two years and been impressed with myself, so it makes sense to do it this year as well, even if it is to give myself a kick up the arse for the one coming.

July 10 - Rita/Snape drabble. NC-17

July 10 - And In Short, I Was Afraid - Rita/Rufus Scrimgeour, PG-13.

August 16 - You Are Not Her - Rita/Snape, R.

Yeah. At least it shouldn't take much effort to beat last years record?

This is much more impressive. >.>
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I really enjoyed doing this last year, seeing where my mind and my muse went, when I wrote a lot and when I didn't write anything. Last year, I was amazed by how much I wrote while I was working and uni-ing.

January 5 - Educating Rita, Part 2 - Severus/Rita/Lucius, NC-17

January 26 - The Difference - Rita/Poppy, PG.

February 14 - The Light and the Darkness - Rita/Snape, R. And Ink - Rita/Bellatrix, NC-17.

March 3 - Work and Teammates - Rita/office girl and Rita/Bozo, both NC-17.

March 8 - Children - Rita, G.

March 17 - Smoke - Rita, Bellatrix, R.

April 7 - Alternate Endings - Part 1 - Rita, PG-13.

April 25 - Alternate Endings - Part 2 - Rita, Bellatrix, R.

May 10 - Rebirth - Stella, Gideon's Daughter, G.

June 20 - She's Your Cocaine - Rita/Hermione, NC-17.

July 20 - Rita/Snape drabble - PG

July 23 - The Mating Rituals of Magical Objects - Quill/Pimp Cane (and Rita/Lucius implied), PG-13/R, pure crack.

August 10 - Mistress of All He Had - Lady Van Tassel/Horseman, Sleepy Hollow, NC-17.

August 22 - Black - Rita, G.

Sept 1 - Twist - Rita/Vicky Frobisher, NC-17.

Sept 25 - She Smirks in Scarlet - Rita/Snape, light R.

November 25 - Quill - Rita, G.

Well, 19. Hm. Last year's count was 22, but then I wasn't as obsessed with RP last year, and I didn't spend as many months traveling and drinking myself into oblivion in Europe. And, er, studying. Yes. Studying. I did lots of that there, too.

This also confirms my suspicion that I have become a one-character show. I shall have to write some non-Rita fic soon, just to prove to myself that I still can. Even if I do love her so completely and utterly.

Also, I write much more porn than I seem to think I do. Heh.

*iz proud*

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Just thinking about doing one of those year-end fic things that other people have done. Seriously, did I DO anything BUT write fic this year? Bloody hell. I probably wrote enough fic to fill a novel.

Jan 22 - This Flesh is Only Flesh Snape/Lucretia.

March 21 - The Muggle Experience - Minerva, Sybill. Humour.

April 12 - Green - Molly darkfic.

April 15 - Kitten - AD/MM. Drabble

April 16 - Invisible Lover - Petunia darkfic

April 27 - Original Sinsuality - Minerva/Remus

May 17 - One Hell of a Storm - Petunia/Chase HP & Losing Chase crossover

May 21 - Ribbons Undone - Minerva gen.

June 2 - Confessions of a Seventh Year - Hermione/Hermione (Hermione/Vector)

June 25 - Wings of a Butterfly - Bellatrix/Sybill, AU.

June 30 - Parasol - Molly/Bellatrix

July 22 - Sylvester and Tweety Minerva and Fawkes - Humour, drabble.

July 23 - Like Crimson Tears - Snape/Lucretia, dark AU.

August 15 - Cloak and Dagger - Ian Irvine VFTM fic, Faelamor/Yalkara.

August 29 - Meeting at Night Sprout/Grubbly-Plank

September 20 - Venom - Rita/Neville

September 29 - Midnight Snack - Minerva, Snape. Humour.

October 10 - Gryffindor vs. Slytherin - Minerva, Snape. Humour.

October 16 - Choose To Listen - Chronicles of Riddick. Aereon/Lord Marshal

October 23 - Seen - Peter, Minerva.

October 31 - Happy Ending - The Shipping News, Agnis Hamm.

December 7 - Mischeviously Yours - Rita/Endora HP & Bewitched crossover.

December 19 - An Unexpected Understanding - Rita/Minerva

December 22 - Educating Rita, Part 1 - Rita/Lucius/Severus

How on earth did I get anything else done this year? I mean wtf. Notice the gap between October and December when I made a half-assed attempt at Nano. Exams didn't help. Neither did work.

But seriously. I cannot believe I had time for a life. I am amazed.


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