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This has been a while in coming. I went crazy some time ago and scoured the internet for Petunia fics, but it quickly became 3am so I just saved the links over at Fiction Alley and resolved to sift through them later. The list sat on my computer for months without that happening, so I decided yesterday that it probably never will. Thus, here is the masterlist of Petunia Dursley fanfic, and links to search results for Petunia fic over on Fiction Alley.

Also, I didn't touch ff.net with a ten foot pole. If there is anything of merit I have missed (from there or elsewhere), please comment and I'll add it.

I believe Petunia has more gen fiction written about her then any other character in the HP verse. I had no idea there was so much covert Petunia-love until I went on this fic hunt. It warms my heart *hugs Petunia*.

Forgive the indulgent mention of one of my own pieces of fic in a genre all of its own, right at the bottom. I really just had no idea where else to put it.


Masterlist of Petunia Dursley Fanfiction )
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Written as virgin story post for my community [livejournal.com profile] celebrate_fic. Thanks a million to [livejournal.com profile] elemental_fey and [livejournal.com profile] minerva_fan for beta reading and pushing me to actually post this. :)

First ever crossover, first ever femmeslash, and all that. Concrit is welcome and appreciated.

Title: One Hell Of A Storm
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Petunia Dursley/Chase Phillips
Fandoms: Harry Potter/Losing Chase
Warnings: Character death

It was one hell of a storm. One hell of a storm, when the Death Eaters came to Privet Drive that night, and it happened. )
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I thought the bunny was dead, but apparently not. Blame [livejournal.com profile] minerva_fan for wanting more. Bless her or damn her for it, depending on whether you like the fic. *grin*

Title: Invisible Lover
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Petunia Dursley
Summary: Now that she knows who her lover is, how will she live with it?

A/N: Not as dark as the first chapter, but the plot continues, and I must give this one a posible non-con warning.

No one ever stops to question whether the ugly stepsisters lived happily ever after )
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When I should be researching for a cultural studies essay, the muse hits with a vengeance. As always.

Title: Invisible Lover
Author: featherxquill
Characters: Petunia Dursley
Rating: NC-17
Summary: She twists and erupts under his grasp, but who is he?

A/N: Warnings, very big red neon flashing lights. Very dark, will very possibly squick. BDSM, in a sense.

A candle in the window of the spare room of number four, Privet Drive, flickering in the breeze... )
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I was feeling all artistic tonight. This one is inspired by [livejournal.com profile] minerva_fan 's wonderful fanfiction (go and read it, NOW) and Tori Amos. I always thought 'Silent All These Years' was very Petunia Dursley. In 1024x768, as usual.

Here be Wallpaper )


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