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Birthdate:Apr 23
Location:Sydney, Australia
I am:
-A Woman
-A Write
-A Media Writing Major
-From Sydney
-A massive Rita Skeeter Harry Potter Fan

- I spent Jan-July 06 on university exchange in Norwich, England. You can read my exchange stories at quillsabroad on LJ.

I post mainly at LiveJournal and use DreamWidth as an archive, but that may change in future, depending on LJ's behaviour. I am always interested in expanding my circle of friends, so feel free to add me.

A masterlist of my fanfiction is available here

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Interests (147):

8 femmes, abstract, accents, adult hp characters, aereon, agnes moorehead, alan rickman, alter bridge, anne bancroft, artemisia gentileschi, arts, autumn and spring, baileys, bed socks, being weird, bellatrix lestrange, bewitched, bill bailey, billy connolly, black books, blackadder, blue eyeliner, books, britain, british movies, buying shit on amazon, cadbury creme eggs, cadsuane melaidhrin, cats, chocolate, christopher plummer, chronicles of riddick, cockatoos, cocktails, coffee, cooking, crackfic, creativity, creed, crime fiction, dessert, dylan moran, easter eggs, eating chicken, eccentric clothes, eddie izzard, endora, eyeliner, faelamor, fanfic, fantasy, femslash, fiction, finding nemo, fiona apple, first wives club, francesca annis, getting drunk, getting published eventually, gosford park, green chai tea, green eyeliner, harry potter, helen mirren, hot rods, hugh grant, ian irvine, intelligent people, isabelle huppert, isavalta, jefferson parker, john connolly, judi dench, julie andrews, julie walters, kate bush, kate elliot, kink, literature, live, lois smith, london, love actually, lucius malfoy, madeline kahn, maggie smith, making icons, martine desroubins, matchbox 20, medeoan, men, michael gambon, milo and otis, minerva mcgonagall, minority report, miranda richardson, molly weasley, movies, nightwish, norwich, otherland, painted lady, petunia dursley, poetry, prime suspect, pwp, rainbow lorikeets, rammstein, raquel cassidy, rare pairs, rarepairs, reading, regina spektor, rita skeeter, rob thomas, robert jordan, rockabilly, role play, rp, rufus scrimgeour, sarah zettel, sci-fi, screenwriting, severus snape, shrek, siuan sanche, skins, smut, snuggling in blankets, speculative fiction, squickfic, stephen poliakoff, susan sarandon, sybill trelawney, tad williams, tarja turunen, tea, teachers, tess gerritsen, the first wives club, the national, thoughts, tori amos, travel, wheel of time, winter, writing
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