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Dear Yuletide Santa,

Okay, so not really, except maybe for the porn.

First off, let me say yay! Thank you for being interested in and signing up for and loving these little fandoms as much as I do, and I hope hope hope my prompts help you out and you enjoy writing this fic as much as I'll enjoy reading it. I've never done this 'dear Santa' letter thing before, so I hope I'm doin it rite.

Some general things about me:

As you may or may not be able to tell from all of my prompts/my journal in general, I am obsessed with minor characters (or at least supporting ones), usually older women. I'm not really sure why, I've just always been that way. As you can imagine, this makes finding fic featuring my favourite characters difficult even in large fandoms. In minor fandoms, it's completely impossible. Therefore, getting one of these fics written for me will be shiny and awesome and fantastic.

Things I like: Subtle storytelling - characterisation through the everyday, realistic depictions of age, complicated relationships, hurt/comfort, UST, strong and confident women (that sometimes get cracks in their armour), gender relations and tension, desk/wall!sex, history or descriptions of what the world is like around the characters (and how they react to it), banter and/or snark, power play.

Things I Don't Like: Overly dramatic events used to force characterisation - abuse, rape, torture, pregnancy and miscarriage, etc. It's fine to write about those sorts of events, but they tend to overwhelm both the story and the characters, and unless the entire story is about dealing with an event like that, it doesn't usually get dealt with properly (and I don't want a n entire story about dealing with an event like that). Explcit sex that is just a pair of bodies together with little feeling or motivation. I like sex, but I like characterisation more. That's about it, really.

More details on the fandoms (I have copied my signup details here, too):

Fandom 1 and 4: Tad Williams - Otherland

Request 1: Martine Desroubins/ Paul Jonas /Susan van Bleek

Request: Martine Desroubins is my favourite character. I would adore anything featuring her, gen or otherwise. Some ideas: Martine/Susan - gen or femslash. How did they know each other? How did they meet and become friends? Martine/Paul - What happened after the end of the books? Did Martine manage to get Paul's memories of Otherland back? How did their relationship progress? Also anything that explores Martine's perception of the world as a blind woman, or as a blind woman who can suddenly see again, would be fantastic.

I don't expect all three characters in the fic, though if you want to, by all means, go for it. All I really want it Martine. The other two are just suggestions. All of the above scenarios are just ideas in case they inspire you, but if something else grabs you, please, go ahead and write it. :)

Request 2: Calliope Skouros/Dulcie Anwin

Request: Another Otherland idea, in case of not being able to write Martine, or just wanting another option. Dulcie/Calliope - preferably femslash, but gen is fine too. Healing. Going through a situation like they did in the book is likely to forge a bond of some kind. What happened to that after they both recovered from their injuries?

I don't really have much to add to this one. Just an alternative idea if you find it more interesting. I loved both of these characters in canon and would like to see more of them after the books ended.

Resources: Shadowmarch forums, for Tad Williams fans.
[livejournal.com profile] trojan_seer - I wrote Martine for [livejournal.com profile] theatrical_muse for a little while, in case it would help to know how I see her.

Fandom 2: Bewitched (tv) - Endora

Request: Endora, Endora, Endora! Absolutely anything featuring her would make my year! She has a massively long and entertaining life, so I'm sure you'll have no shortage of possible things to write about, but in case there are a few too many things, here are some ideas: - Endora and Maurice's relationship, either when it was happy or toward the point that they 'broke up', or over time. - A mother/daughter moment between Endora and young Samantha. - And story about what Endora does when she isn't popping in and out of the Stephens' residence to play tricks. - Endora and Darrin being trapped together in some way, and having to work together or communicate, and perhaps getting to know each other a little better.

Another prompt that I forgot to add was Endora's relationship with her brother, either growing up or at a specific time. Again, all of these are just ideas. I've thought about writing Endora fiction myself, and one of the biggest problems I have is not knowing where in the bloody hell to start, so hopefully these prompts will help you out if you need some direction. If you have something else in mind, though, go for it. Write the story in your head. With regards to canon plot holes and contradictions, go to town. Interpret things any way you want and make whatever connections you like. The only thing I would ask is that Arthur is Endora's only sibling. The show is confusing on who is related to who (especially with Clara), but Endora does say at one point to Arthur that 'up until you were born I was an only child', and I don't think I could see them any other way.

Some of the things I love about the show are Endora's cheekiness, the love/hate relationship she has with Darrin, the suggestions of all the things she does when she's out and about, and her deadpan sarcasm. The constraints of sitcom relationships and 1960s tv censors always leaves me wanting more from the characters, so I'd love to see you expand and exlpore.

Resource: Harpies Bizarre

Fandom 3: The Chronicles of Riddick series - Aereon

Request: Aereon fascinates me, and I would love a fic featuring her, whether it be a gen piece about her life and home planet, or 'missing scenes' from the CoR film. Some ideas: I am rather fond of Aereon/Lord Marshal as a pairing. Anything that matches them in a battle of wits, or uses the whole prisoner thing as a kink would be amazing. Aereon/Lady Vaako - whether this one is gen or femslash, I'd love to see these two interact. Lady Vaako distrusts Aereon - she's one of the few who doesn't necessarily believe everything Aereon says, and I'd love to see that explored. One of the things that intrigues me most about Aereon in the film is the way the film uses her as a character for explanations and truths, but contradicts that with the idea that 'every elemental has an agenda'. Her appearance and her explanations cause a lot of the action in CoR, and the audience isn't really invited to question whether what she says is actually true. But is it? What is her agenda?

I feel like I need explain that last bit more. I find Aereon fascinating because, in essence, she makes the entire film happen. It's her that puts the bounty on Riddick's head at the beginning, and she's also the on who tells him about the Prophecy. We believe everything she says - the audience isn't invited to question whether there actually was a Prophecy, or who made it, etc - but there's a whole lot of room there to play around, and I'd love to see you do it.

I like the idea of a fic set while Aereon was held on the Necromonger ship, but if someething else grabs you, go for it. Also, I only mentioned Lord Marshal and Lady Vaako, but I love rarepairs (whether actual pairings, or gen), so if there's another character you can see interacting with her and want to write about, go for it.

Resources: Choose to Listen - an Aereon/Lord Marshal fic I wrote, if it helps to see the way I wrote the characters.
Ways Of Seeing And Being: Feminism in The Chronicles of Ridick and Tori Amos' StrangeLittleGirls - I wrote an essay for uni a few years ago about the roles of the women in CoR. I don't know if it's any good (I can't remember what I got for it), or if it'll be even remotely helpful to you, but I thought I'd link anyway.

Happy writing, and thanks again for signing up for these fandoms! ♥
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