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Since I, and a bunch of you, seem to be feeling the Agnes Moorhead love right now, I thought I might take this moment to post these videos that I have been meaning to post FOREVER. Some glorious person uploaded the episide of 'Wild Wild West' for which Agnes won an Emmy playing the episode's villain, Emma Valentine.

And rightly so. Emma Valentine is quite possibly the campiest, most ambitious villain ever. I don't know what villains were usually like on Wild Wild West, but surely they couldn't have been as awesomely insane as Emma Valentine. She has a HAREM OF PRETTY YOUNG WOMEN, and a chair in her room that has HAND SHAPED RESTRAINTS, and she TOTALLY MAKES A PASS AT THE HERO, and guys, she has a PINK HEART SHAPED BED AND A DRESS TO MATCH.

Seriously, this is single-episode-tv-villainy at its finest.

Parts 2, 3 and 4 under the cut )
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Or, Angie is feeling a bit bored and trying to write a crazy pairing fic which is hard (thanks, Tet! :P) and is thus amusing herself by posting a picspam of Agnes Moorehead combined with details from Muriel's life.

Muriel Prewett Beamish - A Pictorial Essay )

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What I'd read about Season 8 was right - overall, it isn't very good - but this episode and this particular few minutes made the entire season worth it. Along with episode one, in which Endora was back in time with Darrin and didn't have any magic but still managed to be totally demanding and crafty and awesome (never mind the lack of continuity regarding her age, because in that one she was all 'I wasn't even born yet' in Henry VIII's era, even though in earlier seasons she totally mentioned knowing Caesar and Helen of Troy). Two memorable Endora episodes are enough to make me happy :D.

Just felt the need to rip and post that.

*toddles along*
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So I took on a second character over at [livejournal.com profile] road_ahead - [livejournal.com profile] rar_muriel - yes, that is Auntie Muriel, of the pink flamingo hat and the telling Hermione she has skinny ankles and disparaging Dumbeldore and always reading Rita Skeeter. I've only played her once so far, but she's lots of fun. Her PB is Agnes Moorehead as Endora (because I couldn't resist *g*), so I have of course been trawling the intarwebz for pictures of her.

And I found this fantastic website with oodles and oodles of pictures, and I decided that I had to picspam you. Not at all dial-up safe.


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