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Hello all!

Yes, I'm alive. I have about 37563463 posts I want to make but haven't had the time to write any of them what with work, uni, [livejournal.com profile] stoatshead_hill and [livejournal.com profile] wizardwatch. RP is eating my brain (and my time).


Some of you might remember the article I wrote about Patronus and HP fandom for my print media project last year. Well, it's been selected for Scope, the university magazine, which makes me deliriously happy :). I received an email from one of the editors the other day asking me if I have any pictures. Now, I was totally, totally slack with my camera while I was there, but I know others took heaps. I know I downloaded a whole bunch that [livejournal.com profile] eleanor_isolda (I think?) uploaded on my old computer. There used to be a photobucket account, too, but it's expired now so it's empty.

So, does anybody have any pictures they'd like to share, and wouldn't mind being published in a magazine? I'm not making any money from the article being published, btw. If you're willing, I'd love to see a few of your favourites that.. I don't know, capture the fannishness of the experience?

Even non-Patronus fancon pics that aren't place-specific would probably be fine, so if you have pictures from Sectus/Prophecy/Witching Hour/etc laying around that look cool, they might work too.

Btw, if anyone I quoted in the article is reading this, you will be receiving emails (or comments asking for email addresses) soon, so that I can send you the permission slip to allow your words to be published. I won't be publishing anything I don't have permission for.

Thanks in advance! :D
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Do you guys remember, a while ago, when I put out a call for you to share your fandom journeys?. Well. I did promise to post it when it was done, and well, now that my results are back, and were so positive, I figure it must actually be worth the read, so, well, here it is.

Many, many thanks to EVERYONE who responded to me. I was quite overwhlemed by everyone's willingness to talk about their fandom experiences, and I wish I could have included more of your words in here. But my teacher had a few very definite ideas about using informtion collected online, so I had to be very selective about which ones worked best with what I was saying. Also, I have no idea how to indent long quotes with html, so please frgive the italics.

Some of you fellow Patronus attendees might recognise yourselves here, too. :).

Fandom Journeys - Fan Activity and Online Participation in Harry Potter

An article about Patronus, Half-Blood Prince and Online Experience.

I’ve never seen so many Hogwarts scarves in my life )

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So, my big print media project for the semester is going to be 'investigation of a contemporary subculture', and, at present, my main idea is to use the theme from earlier in the semester -journeys- and write my piece on that. The end product will be 2000 words.

I plan on writing about my own fandom journey, from seeing PS and CoS and then busting an ankle and reading all four HP books, to... well, where I am today. Drinks in Snape's Pub, Patronus, all the amazing people I've met, online and off. The fact that I feel I've grown as a person and as a writer through fandom. Before I started reading femslash, I thought I was completely heterosexual, for a start :).

I'm interested in all of your fandom journeys, as well. They don't have to Harry Potter, or only Harry Potter. Tell me how you started being a fan, the places you moved through, how it's affected you or even changed your life. What you got out of fandom when you started, and what you get out of it now. How it's changed, and why, if you know :)

So, anyone who is interested and willing, please tell me, in as many words as you like, about your fandom journeys. Note that I will, in all likelihood, quote you in my finished work. Once it's handed in, I will publish it online for you all to see. If my teacher thinks it is worth publishing anywhere else, I'll seek out your permission again.

Also, if anyone wants to contribute but doesn't feel they can write about their fandom journeys just like that, tell me so, give me an IM contact, and I'll interview you. Both ways would work well for me. The guide about the paper stresses the need for 'real world research', which is rather difficult to define when one is talking about something like fandom, but I believe that interviews and collecting stories is the same online (in a fandom context) as it is in person (for a different subculture).

Thanks to everyone who contributes.

ETA: Also, if you'd rather be refferred to by a name other than your LJ sn when I quote you, please let me know in your comment.


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