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i. Still reading Towers of Midnight and writing my Hoggywartyxmas fic. New meme entry forthcoming.

ii. Yuletide signups are open! \o/ *runs around flailing about WHAT TO REQUEST OMG SO MANY IDEAS WHAT.

iii. This video is made of lulz.

iv. OMFG its a Rita promo pic eeeeeeeeeeee! )
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So, some time ago now, I had a poll because I couldn't possibly form an opinion on who was the best actress out of these four and wanted to see what my flist thought. The last time, the answer was a resounding shout in favour of one of them, but I'm curious as to whether my flist demographic, or their opinion, has changed.


[Poll #1559923]

And then I had an even more amusing idea, inspired by [livejournal.com profile] chickfight. Picking four kickass characters played by these women, I wonder who would win. I was going to put them all together, but I decided to split it into two polls, one for the ladies with magical powers and one for those without. We'll see who wins, then I'll post a winners battle later this week.

The contenders are: Minerva McGonagall (Harry Potter) and Queen Mab (Merlin), and M (James Bond) and Rose (Shadowboxer).

Kickass witch vs. Faerie Queen.

[Poll #1559924]

Spymistress vs. trained assassin.

[Poll #1559925]

More information about the contenders, if you need help to make your decision: Minerva McGonagall | Queen Mab | M | Rose

Feel free to discuss and/or beat each other up in the comments. I am at work and will be easily amused.

Also, no, the answer 'they wouldn't fight, they'd shag instead' is not a valid argument unless it is demonstrated by fanfic or interprative dance.

Let the chickfight commence! *chooses non-partisan icon before posting*

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It's from Grasses of a Thousand Colours, the Wallace Shawn play that is opening in London this month. Anyone want to buy me a plane ticket so I can go see it? :P

There are more pics of the cast here.


May. 9th, 2009 01:42 am
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Miranda Richardson may reprise her role as Rita Skeeter in Deathly Hallows.

OMG please. I have never wanted a rumour to be true so much in my life.


Mar. 4th, 2009 12:01 pm
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Or, as the Fug girls would say: Well Played, Miranda Richardson.

I guess there's a law somewhere that states that if a movie premiere falls on your 51st birthday, you must show up to said premiere looking smokin' hot, with just-shagged hair, and wearing a dress in a colour that not many people could pull off, but you look AWESOME in?


I think there is. And I think Miranda PWNED it.

Some More Under Here )
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Another awesome video link I'm nicking from the MRAP boards *g*. I don't find any of this myself, I just pretend to be an awesome searching-for-things person.


Also, I posted 78 Hayley Atwell icons at [livejournal.com profile] quills_pbs. Anyone looking for a Daphne or a Pansy? Because she'd be perfect! ♥

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Two more pics from The Young Victoria! One of them which [livejournal.com profile] missfoxie will love. You ask, m'dear, I deliver. ;)

Pics! )
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I watched two random, obscure Miranda films I've had on my shelf for months, today. The first was Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang, which was a cheesy, weird kids movie in which a six year old kid knocks his head in a store where he's gone to buy tomatoes and had the owners take the mickey out of him, passes out and dreams that he's been sentenced to two years, two months, two weeks, two hours, two minutes and five seconds in a children's prison called Slimer's Island (by a rapping Judge played by Ice T, in pre-Fin days), run by a dude called The Hooded Fang, who has two sidekicks, Mr Fish and Miss Fowl. Miss Fowl (Miranda) has a weird prosthetic pointy nose, totally has the hots for the Hooded Fang, has a MUSICAL NUMBER ABOUT IT WTF, and also has fucking awesome boots.

I didn't take any caps and I can't be bothered to put it back in and do so right now, but perhaps I'll cap the boots of awesome for you at some point. Miranda actually has quite a visible role.

I also watched 'Eat The Rich', which is.... well, I don't really know. Black comedy, social commentary, written by people on crack? Whatever, it was fun enough. Miranda only has one scene, so I capped it. I also made a clip of it, and am posting both. I think that the caps are quite possibly funnier, because of the sequence and the fact that you have no idea what is going on.


Also, New Charlie The Unicorn Snippet )
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Last week, Miranda turned 50. For her birthday, MRAP webmaster Clive and I organised a fundraiser for one of her most passionate causes. We managed to raise £223 for the WSPA. I'm very proud, and this batch of icons is a celebration! (and a thankyou to everyone who was able to contribute).


001 002 003

Fifty icons for fifty years! )
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This year (on 3rd March), Miranda Richardson will turn 50 years of age. To celebrate this, and to show her how many admirers appreciate her work and talent, the Miranda forum group has organised to send her a 50th Birthday present. This will take the form of a donation in her name to an organisation she has long supported - the WSPA. Anyone can add their own donation to the collection, however large or small, and leave a personal birthday message for Miranda. A website has been set up via an independent charity collection site.

Click here to donate!

As an example of her support of this organisation, in December, Miranda travelled to Sri Lanka on behalf of the WSPA to learn more about stray dog population control projects in Colombo. You can watch a video about her trip here.

In May she accompanied them to the International Whaling Commission meetings in Alaska to promote the anti-whaling message. Click here for more information from WSPA, and here for Miranda's endorsement of a current campaign.


This has been more or less ganked wholesale from the front page of the Miranda Richardson Apprecitaion Page, because Clive is much better at writing this sort of concise message than I am. More personally, I've been organising this with him since the end of last year. I set up the donation website, and with his Webmastery Powers of Awesome, he has been in contact with a lovely lady at the WSPCA, who is thrilled with the idea and has done everything she can to help us. According to her, the WSPCA's 'celebrity' co-ordinator has been in touch with Miranda's agent, and the collection has been explained to Miranda who is apparently very touched by it.

So please help us make the pile larger, and wish Miranda a very happy birthday :D


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Icon dump. Harriet Thorpe for [livejournal.com profile] life_on_stage, and a few Miranda because I felt like it. :)

001 002 003

more! )
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The year is 2030. Rita Skeeter, on fashion tips from one Cruella DeVille, has changed her hair colour. and developed a thing for the American flag, apprently

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Okay, so not really. But seriously, Nana Mae Frost (no, really) looks like Rita on the best sort of crack.

Those caps were taken from the trailer for Southland Tales, a new sci-fi film directed by the dude behind Donnie Darko.

Oh, how I love good scifi.

This one went to Cannes last year and got laughed out, so they've recut it and apparently decided to go for the Big Splodey Blockbuster form of advertising. Still, it looks great, and maybe it will get a wide release with the cast of muscle bound men and cute pop stars. Which is fine by me, because I'll be there for the Miranda. If I can enjoy Vin Diesel's wooden badassness in Riddick for the awesome of Judi Dench, I'm sure I can make myself like The Rock for two hours as well.

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22 Miranda icons - a celebration of colour! (or something :P)

Yaye for photoshop!


I can't eat food. I react terribly. It just turns brown and falls out of my bottom )

The LJ cut text is one of Miranda's lines from Jeremy Hardy Speaks to the Nation, which you should all go listen to.

Also, Ab Fab Season 2 Outtakes with Miranda as Bettina. She's toward the end but it's all rather amusing.
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This stuff pilfered from various lovely people over at the MRAP forums. Fred Claus looks like it's going to be a fairly stupid film, to be honest, if the trailer is anything to go by, but OH, it will be worth it to see Miranda in those costumes.


Here, have some screencaps from the trailer:

Now we know why Santa only leaves the North Pole once a year. Because he has a severely hot wife. )

I think I may die from the hot. And the red hair. Oh yes.

Also, I was watching episodes of 'Call My Bluff' and 'V Graham Norton' recently. In the one, Miranda revealed that she loves cormorants, in the other, that she loves nature and birds and is into falconry. How completely awesome is that?

When Graham didn't get the hobby, she said: "I don't have to explain to you the joy of having a wild beast thrashing around on your fist, do I?"

WIN, MANDA. sjdghjsghjsfhss. WINx1000000

Also, she was wearing GREEN STILLETOS. Fuck me sideways. *dies*
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Some of the girls over at the MRAP were lamenting the lack of Mab cleavage in a recent thread. So I took care of it for them. This is what happens when I've been working on an essay for the last few days.

100% certified Miranda breasts :D



Jan. 4th, 2007 02:06 am
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Have a picspam of Miranda sreencaps from my two latest acquisitions, Enchanted April and Saint Ex, both of which are strange but enjoyable little films. Manda is particularly hot in the latter.

Apologies for graininess and any weird sizing photobucket has done.

+ 20 )
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Does someone want to explain to me who the hell that weird guy is? Because I've seen him before, and I want to know! :D

This is made of awesome.
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I have been fanmixing again! Click the cut for my Miranda fanmix - 12 songs for 12 characters. :)

Chameleon )


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