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Wow, you guys. I've been silent and lurky for ages. It was the RP. I was doing so much of it that I didn't have time for anything and was in a constant state of need to write tags. Tired me out, so I dropped one of my games. And now I have time again, to read my flist and apply for jobs and, well, fangirl the shit out of new people.

Like JANE CURTIN, who is so freaking adorable I could die.

So it's not really NEW, I suppose. I mean, I kind of loved Mary Albright when I was fourteen and watched 3rd Rock from the Sun not at all religiously but sometimes. And then I hired Season One on DVD a few weeks ago, and wow, I totally identify with Dick being all ajsgjsfshfshs over her, because omgyes, she is just as awesome as I remember.

And now I've watched some other stuff she's been in - Scorsese's Brooklyn Lobster and The Librarian triology - ludicrous but awesome television movies with Noah Wyle in which she is his bitchy boss lady.

Here, have a picspam and a video:

Reasons to love Jane Curtin )
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Introducing the latest object of my fangirly adoration, Raquel Cassidy. I saw her first in Teachers, and in the last week I've also watched all three seasons of Lead Balloon and the two films she's made with Lisa Gornick, Do I Love You? and Tock Tock Lullaby. All of these caps are from the latter three. I've tried to capture some of the crazy faces she makes, because she's freakin' adorable.


Spam, spam, spam!

Follow the pretendy-cut to my icon community, because I forgot about custom comment pages when I spent ages making this all neat and pretty and stuff *g*.
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You know, flist, when I fall in lust with random actresses, I often think seriously, girl, pick someone a bit more obscure next time, hmmmm?

And then, guess what? I DO!


I am currently falling in love with Raquel Cassidy, aka Susan Gately in Teachers and Mel in Lead Ballooon, and as far as the internet is concerned, she doesn't really exist.

Woo, obscure actresses! *\o/*

However I did order two lesbian films she's been in from Amazon. I'll let you know if they're any good and if this fangirlyness lasts more than a week.

Taking screencaps, possible picspam/pb icons coming soon.


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