Oct. 27th, 2009 07:43 pm
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Seriously. I CANNOT WAIT for signups to open.

This year I nominated 3rd Rock, Kate and Allie (which has never been nominated before! wtf), The Librarian Series, Teachers UK, Bewitched and Black Books - the last two just for the hell of it, because I don't think I'm going to ask for fic in them but I'd sure love to write it.

In other news, I am addicted to FarmVille on facebook.

In other, other news, you should all watch 'Crumbs' on youtube. It was cancelled after a few episodes but they filmed the whole first season and some glorious person put it up on youtube. It's actually kind of awesome. I think the main problem with it was a marketing mistake. Every promo/synopsis I can find describes it as a 'gay themed sitcom', which is grossly misleading. The main character is gay, but for most of the series he's in the closet and doesn't talk much about his gayness, so I think anyone watching it expecting it to be about being gay would have been disappointed. Seriously, marketing people, one gay character does not 'Will and Grace' make. Mostly it's about a family - a broken, fucked up family. And Jane Curtin plays their matriarch, Suzanne Crumb - a role that gets her out of her usual spot as the straight foil and allows her to be every bit as wacky and insane as John Lithgow was in 3rd Rock.

Waaaaaatch. This vid should take you straight to the playlist of the entire series.

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Here are three of my favourites from season one. I tried putting them on youtube, but the first one got removed the SECOND it was uploaded, so I'm using photobucket's video hosting instead (which apparently will not embed on LiveJournal).

Gilda and Jane (in a dominatrix costume)

Madeline Kahn, Gilda, Jane and Laraine, talking about how boys and girls 'do it'

Jane and Kris Kristofferson - either the best or the worst blind date ever?

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Wow, you guys. I've been silent and lurky for ages. It was the RP. I was doing so much of it that I didn't have time for anything and was in a constant state of need to write tags. Tired me out, so I dropped one of my games. And now I have time again, to read my flist and apply for jobs and, well, fangirl the shit out of new people.

Like JANE CURTIN, who is so freaking adorable I could die.

So it's not really NEW, I suppose. I mean, I kind of loved Mary Albright when I was fourteen and watched 3rd Rock from the Sun not at all religiously but sometimes. And then I hired Season One on DVD a few weeks ago, and wow, I totally identify with Dick being all ajsgjsfshfshs over her, because omgyes, she is just as awesome as I remember.

And now I've watched some other stuff she's been in - Scorsese's Brooklyn Lobster and The Librarian triology - ludicrous but awesome television movies with Noah Wyle in which she is his bitchy boss lady.

Here, have a picspam and a video:

Reasons to love Jane Curtin )


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