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Iiiiiiinteresting, flist. Verrrry interesting. Last time I did the 'who is the best actress' poll, the result was very firmly in favour of Maggie Smith. This time, the results were much closer, with Judi Dench sliding first over the finish line by one vote.

So Judi Dench shall be Queen until I think to do this again in another three years, I guess *g*.

And now, the chickfight. Well, to be honest, I kind of knew this would happen. In this, at least, flist, you are adorably predictable.

Not now, though. Now I really am curious to see who comes out on top. So. The second and final round. We can presume that Minerva has her wand and her wits, and M has an assortment of awesome M16 gadgets and weaponry. I will presume, since she beat the trained assassin, that you all think she does indeed knpw how to use them.

Kickass Witch vs. Spymistress

[Poll #1561181]

Feel free to debate. Once again, the answer 'the would not fight, they'd shag' is not a valid response unless demonstrated via fanfic.

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So, some time ago now, I had a poll because I couldn't possibly form an opinion on who was the best actress out of these four and wanted to see what my flist thought. The last time, the answer was a resounding shout in favour of one of them, but I'm curious as to whether my flist demographic, or their opinion, has changed.


[Poll #1559923]

And then I had an even more amusing idea, inspired by [livejournal.com profile] chickfight. Picking four kickass characters played by these women, I wonder who would win. I was going to put them all together, but I decided to split it into two polls, one for the ladies with magical powers and one for those without. We'll see who wins, then I'll post a winners battle later this week.

The contenders are: Minerva McGonagall (Harry Potter) and Queen Mab (Merlin), and M (James Bond) and Rose (Shadowboxer).

Kickass witch vs. Faerie Queen.

[Poll #1559924]

Spymistress vs. trained assassin.

[Poll #1559925]

More information about the contenders, if you need help to make your decision: Minerva McGonagall | Queen Mab | M | Rose

Feel free to discuss and/or beat each other up in the comments. I am at work and will be easily amused.

Also, no, the answer 'they wouldn't fight, they'd shag instead' is not a valid argument unless it is demonstrated by fanfic or interprative dance.

Let the chickfight commence! *chooses non-partisan icon before posting*


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