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Do you guys remember, a while ago, when I put out a call for you to share your fandom journeys?. Well. I did promise to post it when it was done, and well, now that my results are back, and were so positive, I figure it must actually be worth the read, so, well, here it is.

Many, many thanks to EVERYONE who responded to me. I was quite overwhlemed by everyone's willingness to talk about their fandom experiences, and I wish I could have included more of your words in here. But my teacher had a few very definite ideas about using informtion collected online, so I had to be very selective about which ones worked best with what I was saying. Also, I have no idea how to indent long quotes with html, so please frgive the italics.

Some of you fellow Patronus attendees might recognise yourselves here, too. :).

Fandom Journeys - Fan Activity and Online Participation in Harry Potter

An article about Patronus, Half-Blood Prince and Online Experience.

I’ve never seen so many Hogwarts scarves in my life )

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I've just started work on my final essay for cultural studies. The question that I have chosen to answer is:

"Space is a construction and material manifestation of social relations that reveals cultural assumptions and practices." Critically discuss with reference to at least one of the following: class, gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, the body.

My plan is to dicuss 'cyberspace', in particular the Harry Potter fandom, and the way gender and sexuality are constructed and expressed in slash fanfiction. I'm interested in the fact that the vast majority of this fandom (its writers and readers) seem to be women (either heterosexual or homosexual), and wonder why male/male fiction is so popular.

I haven't done much critical reading yet, but I'm after any kind of essay written on slash, gender, sexuality, etc in the Harry Potter fandom, and anything else anyone might have read that they think could be relevant for me.

I'll love you all forever.


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