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I did this on a whim, since I met a new person on AIM tonight and was reccing her my favourite Rita stories, and had to go to about ten different places to find the links. I thus thought it might be a good idea to have a Rita Skeeter Masterlist, and made one! :)

Note: This is by no means comprehensive. There is a lot of crap out there, and I think I've managed to find the gems amongst it. If there is anything I've forgotten or missed, please let me know! :)

I have included fic and fanart. I have not included wallpapers or icons. This isn't because I don't consider icons and wallpapers to be art, but because they are so incredibly numerous, and very often in multi-character or multi-fandom posts.

Many of these pieces are R or NC-17. Adults only, please.

This is a work in progress, I hope it will continue to grow as Miranda-induced Rita love takes over fandom!!

Masterlist of Rita Skeeter Fanwork )

Composition Of Sorts - Rita/Luna, by [livejournal.com profile] redpiratemel
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This has been a while in coming. I went crazy some time ago and scoured the internet for Petunia fics, but it quickly became 3am so I just saved the links over at Fiction Alley and resolved to sift through them later. The list sat on my computer for months without that happening, so I decided yesterday that it probably never will. Thus, here is the masterlist of Petunia Dursley fanfic, and links to search results for Petunia fic over on Fiction Alley.

Also, I didn't touch ff.net with a ten foot pole. If there is anything of merit I have missed (from there or elsewhere), please comment and I'll add it.

I believe Petunia has more gen fiction written about her then any other character in the HP verse. I had no idea there was so much covert Petunia-love until I went on this fic hunt. It warms my heart *hugs Petunia*.

Forgive the indulgent mention of one of my own pieces of fic in a genre all of its own, right at the bottom. I really just had no idea where else to put it.


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Well, Katrina's book is finally done - her birthday is tomorrow! To that end, here is the list of fics that I included in the book. I did not write to these authors to ask for persmission, but I have included their names and contact details (or original story link where no email is available) so I don't really see how different it is to reading them online. You will notice a certain repetition. It was not my intention, once I got going, to include any more than one fic per author, but when the idea for this occurred to me, the first place I hit was [livejournal.com profile] minerva_fan's journal, and I could not bear to part with any of the fics of hers I chose. Incidentally, I think it works well to have the first story of each section written by the same author.

I didn't end up finding a suitable Snape/Hermione story to include. I think that is perhaps because they are all either PWP or long, because it takes a while to set up that relationship. Perhaps I'll slip her a copy of 'The Other Side Of Darkness' or 'Roman Holiday' when her mother isn't looking.

There were SO many other fics I could have included, so many more I WANTED to include, but when it got to 150 pages I thought I'd better stop.

Thanks to everyone who helped me out with links and recs.

All fics are pre-HBP

Moste Potente Potions – A Collection Of Fine Tonics and Poisons

Bewitch The Mind
Polyjuice – Brews of Character and Thought

Blood by [livejournal.com profile] minerva_fan

My own Ribbons Undone

The Last Wand by Dua (Sycophant Hex)
Mr Ollivander, Luna Lovegood, various characters.

Stuck In The Middle With You by Rabbit and V-Jinx-V (ff.net)
Lucius, Severus, assorted Marauder era characters

What Would You See…? by Ada Kensington (ff.net)
Chapter one (the only one included in the book) is Snape, but read the whole thing. It’s wonderful.

Hanging On by Stubefied (Sugar Quill)
Molly, Remus

Ensnare The Senses
Love Potions – Mixing Up The Emotions
(Ship Fic)

The Sweet Scent Of Paradise by [livejournal.com profile] minerva_fan

The First One’s A Lulu by Julian Lee (The Staffroom)

Keepsake by Julia32 (Sycophant Hex)

Traditional Socks by [livejournal.com profile] angharad04 (archived on LJ)

Handholding: A History by Cheering Charm (Astronomy Tower)

Forever by [livejournal.com profile] teleturtle

Hatred by Maya (Fition Alley)
Harry/Draco (/Dudley)

Stopper Death
Potently Distilled Poisons

Last Night of the Coven by [livejournal.com profile] minerva_fan

Echoes by WiccaRowan (Sycophant Hex)
Original Characters

Proud Of Your Boy by PurpleGothicPolish (Fiction Alley)
Ron, Molly

When The Student Is Ready by Anna (Witchfics)
Albus, Voldemort

Tapestry by [livejournal.com profile] sionnain
Andromeda, Narcissa, Bellatrix

And this is what the book looks like! Book! )
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Just thought I should probably do this, since my stuff is scattered about everywhere, and there is no lst of everything I have written ANYWHERE. Anything rated NC-17 is hosted here, but you may be deferred to Sycophant Hex or FF.net for others.

This list is posted in more or less chronological writing order. Please bare this in mind, when reading the first few - they reflect my maturity and knowledge of fandom at the time they were written.

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