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My copy of Bewitched Season 7 arrived today. Yes, I bought it from Amazon, which I feel kind of guilty about, but I threw a copy of Olivia into my order also. I figured if I was going to buy from Amazon, I could at least show them that I also support GLBT books. Truth is, Amazon is the best place to buy DVDs I can't get here (for some reason, Bewitched 7 has an 'unknown release date' here, despite the other six seasons being available), and I don't know anywhere else that has their range and also their reasonable prices and good shipping reputation (everything I order comes within two weeks, which is pretty good for international). If anyone else knows any alternative sites, though, please clue me in! All of the copies available on ebay were stupidly overpriced.

Anyway, I just needed to say that god, this show is FUCKING AWESOME. 'Salem Saga' killed me about a thousand times. Here, have some caps:

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As promised, the clip from 'Daddy Does His Thing' from Season Five of Bewitched. Innuendo FTW.


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Apr. 25th, 2008 02:30 am
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Am having a continued Bewitched marathon. Went out the other day and bought myself four seasons worth (in edition to the fifth season box set I bought a few weekends ago). They were on sale! $15.98 each! I couldn't resist. 18 discs. I'll be watching it the rest of my life.

Anyway, something randomly amusing. Episode 53 - Maid to Order (coincidentally, the first appearance of the actress who would later play the Stephens' maid Esmerelda - as another maid, Naomi, equally as hopeless, while the Tate's have a maid called Esmerelda [/random factoid]):

Louise (on phone): Esmerelda was just called out of town because of illness in her family and tonight I'm having a formal dinner party for eight people, including that big shot new client whatshisname... that's right, H. J. Simpson.

Heeee. Just give him some donuts, he'll be happy. :P

(Coming eventually - a clip of the Best Scene Evar from Season Five, in which Maurice turns Darrin into a horse and Samantha and Endora hunt him down in France where he is entertaining his two new personal assistants and there is so much innuendo that Angie dies)


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