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Dear Yuletide Santa,

Hi! I hope you like your assignment! Thank you for being interested in these tiny little fandoms that I love, and being willing to write a fic for me :). I hope my prompts have given you some bunnies, but please, if you get any other bunnies for the characters I've requested ad want to write those instead, go for it.

Some general things about me:

As you may or may not be able to tell from my prompts/my journal in general, I am obsessed with minor characters (or at least supporting ones), usually older women. I'm not really sure why, I've just always been that way. As you can imagine, this makes finding fic featuring my favourite characters difficult even in large fandoms. In minor fandoms, it's completely impossible. Therefore, getting one of these fics written for me will be shiny and awesome and fantastic.

Things I like: Subtle storytelling - characterisation through the everyday, realistic depictions of age, complicated relationships, hurt/comfort, UST, strong and confident women (that sometimes get cracks in their armour), gender relations and tension, desk/wall!sex, history or descriptions of what the world is like around the characters (and how they react to it), banter and/or snark, power play.

Things I Don't Like: Overly dramatic events used to force characterisation - abuse, rape, torture, pregnancy and miscarriage, etc. It's fine to write about those sorts of events, but they tend to overwhelm both the story and the characters, and unless the entire story is about dealing with an event like that, it doesn't usually get dealt with properly (and I don't want a an entire story about dealing with an event like that). Explcit sex that is just a pair of bodies together with little feeling or motivation. I like sex, but I like characterisation more. That's about it, really.

More details on the fandoms (I have copied my signup details here, too):

Fandom: 3rd Rock from the Sun

Character: Mary Albright

Basically, I'd love anything involving Mary Albright. Dick/Mary is my favourite pairing, so I'd love anything you could come up with that involved them. Some thoughts include some kind of h/c thing maybe involving Mary getting sick or injured and Dick taking care of her - or trying to, until he gets bored not being the centre of attention and pisses her off, and then a resolution of some kind. I also wouldn't mind Mary/Judith, either friendship or femslash or even almost femslash with Mary almost going there but realising that she is actually straight. Or Mary/Sally, in whatever form you'd like it to take. If you're not feeling shippy, anything amusing featuring Dick and Mary would be great - one random idea I had was a cat showing up at the office and adopting Dick, Mary and Nina (because Dick's reaction to such an aloof, proud creature would be full of hilarity, especially if it hated him and loved Mary/Nina).

I don't have much more to add to this. Some things I love about the show are its cynical humour and the way Dick and Mary bounce off of each other. I love Dick's arrogance/innocence and Mary's sarcasm but acceptance of him as he is. I love the way he always manages to redeem himself with her through his honesty.

Fandom: Kate and Allie

Characters: Allie Lowell/Kate McArdle

Femslash! That's basically all I want from this request, in whatever form it takes. I don't care if it's explicit or completely tame, but I'd love a story about them realising/exploring their friendship on another level, and how they deal with it.

As far as I see it, this friendship is always poised right on the brink of femslash, so go there! :). With these shows that were on at prime time slots, I always want to know more about what they do/say outside of PG ratings, so go to town. Also, since I am watching the final season right now and it's a bit crap, I wouldn't mind if you left out the whole 'Allie and Bob' thing, either making it AU or just setting it before that.

Fandom: The Librarian series (movie)

Character: Charlene

Charlene is my favourite sort of character in films like this - bitchy and awesome, with just enough backstory to make her intriguing. I'd love anything about her. Maybe something about her marriage and its end, or something about her working relationship with Judson. If you're feeling adventurous, ship her with Flynn, or even Margie. It felt like there could be some Charlene/Margie backstory there (shippy or otherwise), so if that takes your fancy, go wild. Another thing that would amuse me greatly, if you know the canon, is Charlene having like, cocktails or something with M from James Bond, bitching about keeping their young men in line.

There's so much potential here, I'd love anything that takes your fancy. I don't see her as being romantically involved with Judson, but I am a rarepair shipper and have loved things I 'couldn't see' before, so if you can make me believe it, go for it. Charlene/Flynn would be awesome, too. Older woman/younger man is one of my favourite shippy things ever, so I would adore that. Anything, really. Explore her backstory, write a scene from her life or even just one day, do something shippy, I don't care. Just satisfy my urge for more about this character who has a total of like fifteen lines in three whole films.

Fandom: Teachers UK (2001)

Character: Susan Gately

Susan Gately is awesome, and I felt kind of jipped by the way she was shipped out of the show without so much as a word. What happened to her? Where did she go? Did she keep in contact with Simon? Did she know that he never went away? I'd love a story about her friendship with Simon and what happened after they both left the show. Alternatively, something about Susan and Jenny - friendship or femaslash, whatever takes your fancy.

I'd love anything involving Susan and Simon and/or Jenny. I missed them all so much in season two, and I was so disappointed when Simon came back and told everyone he hadn't gone abroad after all, because the episode right before he was going was one of my absolute favourites of the first season (mostly because I know how it feels to look at your familiar surroundings the night before leaving on a big international adventure, and see them and the people around you like you've never seen them before, and the show just captured that weird exciting atmosphere perfectly). So I'd love to know if Susan knew if he didn't go away, if they kept in touch wherever they both were, and how their friendship continued/was weird/whatever. I don't see them as shippy (it's pretty obvious in the show that they totally didn't work like that), but as with the request above, if you can show the change and make me believe it, go ahead. I loved Susan and Jenny's friendship, too - the only two with sense in a group of juvenile schoolboysteachers, and I'd love to just see them interacting, more of their life living together and dealing with each other and overcoming differences etc.

General references:

All of these fandomsare so tiny that they hardly have a fan community at all - you can find LJ comms for the Librarian, 3rd Rock and Teachers, but they're rather inactive. Kate and Allie's fandom is non-existent. My biggest resource, therefore, is one of my favourite places, www.warez-bb.org - go there and search and see for yourself what it is ;)

This year's fandoms: 3rd Rock From the Sun, Kate and Allie, The Librarian Series, Teachers UK.
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