Jul. 18th, 2010

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A little late to this party, but everyone else seems to be having fun with it (and I'm enjoying the answers). Also, procrastination is awesome.

01. Discuss how you got into Harry Potter

I first heard of Harry Potter while I was in high school, as the hype began to make its way to Australia and people were Talking About It. A number of my friends jumped on the boat, but I Wasn't Interested in Crazes, so I actively resisted knowing anything about it.

I managed it until the first film came out. I saw Philosopher's Stone tentatively, over my stepsister's shoulder, until I started shouting excitedly at the screen - Maggie Smith! Robbie Coltrane! Alan Rickman! Zoe Wanamaker! (Everyone else watching: shut up, will you? We don't care.) A mainstream film full of awesome British actors? Hell yes. I saw Chamber of Secrets in the cinema twice, at which point I melted into a pool of fangirly love over Lucius Malfoy.

I had been considering reading the books, then. Planning on it. We had the first three - people had bought them for my brother years earlier, hoping that they would entice him to read, like they had with other children. No dice, on that one. I'd picked up the first one but had only read a few pages when, out walking dogs one afternoon, I stepped in a pothole on a gravel road and twisted my foot like a great big twisted thing. So, thus unable to walk, I picked up PS and read it in a day. Then CoS, and then PoA, and after my hobbling return to school, borrowed GoF from the library. OotP was the first book I waited for.

As for fandom, well, that's actually equally as convoluted, but I'll try to keep it concise. On the CoS DVD, there was a link to a digital trading card game that I started playing. It was hosted on the WB website that also housed the AOL/WB message boards, which I eventually found my way to. Started discussing, started RPing, started writing fanfic. Found my way to LJ while looking for fans of Minerva McGonagall and other HP ladies. Found [livejournal.com profile] hp_oldladysb and a circle of like-minded fangirls. Was home.

The questions, for anyone who wants to play along )


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