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Dear Yulegoat,

Hi! Firstly, thanks so much for volunteering to write in these fandoms that I love. I hope you're happy with your assignment, and will have fun writing it.

Okay, so. In previous year's letters I've said a lot about how what I love most is character, and how everyday events (rather than huge explosions or dramatic life-changing things) characterise people. This is all true, but seeing as, this year, one of my requests is pretty cracktastic, I feel a bit dumb saying all that.

But really, it still kind of holds. I love the flailing of Yuletide. I love all the weird little fandoms and the crazy stories that come of them. Some of my favourite stories each year are the ones that just take an idea or a strange little fandom and go wild with it, so please feel free to do that if something takes your fancy. But as far as crack is concerned, I think it is important for it to come from a place of character. Like, there's a line between crack and just plain OOC, so even if the characters are in the most insanely stupid situation ever, I think it's important that they stay themselves.

Other than that, yes. I love missing scenes, quiet moments, single days, or anything that gives me a glimpse of a character that I love and want to know more about. More often than not, my favourite characters in stories are the secondary ones, so I love to see moments of their lives that we don't get to in the main canon. I also love to see fanfic go where published works can't because of rating or whatever, so make the story as explicit as you like.

More than one of my requests is for a cross-generation relationship, or older characters in romantic/sexual scenarios. If you do write this for me, please keep these characters' ageing bodies realistic. Older characters depicted as being young and firm is a huge squick for me. They're beautiful the way they are.

More about my specific requests:

Fandom: Shrek series
Characters: Unspecified (Any)
Additional Tags: Humour
Request: Seriously, happy with anything on this one, really, but here are some ideas. My favourite of the films is number 2. I love everything about it – fabulous story, great soundtrack, insanely awesome attention to detail (seriously, all the little meta touches all over Far Far Away made me squee like a squeeing thing). But most of all, I love all the new characters that are introduced in it – King Harold and Queen Lillian, the Fairy Godmother and Prince Charming, Puss. Tell me a story that’s cracky and fun, about Puss’ adventures as a kitty Casanova. Tell me how exactly it is that Fairy Godmother managed to give birth to a prince. Tell me about the how in the HELL Donkey managed to impregnate Dragon. Tell me how Queen Lillian dealt with her husband being turned into a frog, which presumably meant the end of their sex life (although, in this universe...). Feel free to go to town with the squick, if you want.

I don't have a hell of a lot to add to this one. Just want to say that if you have a different ideas, or if cracky and fun doesn't end up being where your story wants to go, then that's okay. Surprise me. Also, another random idea, if you're feeling crossover-y and know the canon, something that involved Prince Charming and Gilderoy Lockhart would amuse me greatly.

Fandom: Casino Royale
Characters: M, James Bond
Additional Tags: Cross-Generation Relationship, F/M, Mature
Request:Bond/M. Porn? But if you're not comfortable with that, that's okay. Just give me them, in some shape or form. Things I enjoy: M being in charge always, realistic depictions of the age difference, Bond coming back to M after each assignment (the only person he has to come home to). Make it light and humorous, make it dark and intense, I don't mind.

That's basically it, really. I love this pairing, so anything you can give me would be awesome. I have a word document full of Yuletide requests ideas, and under Casino Royale it says 'Bond/M. Enough said'. And that does kind of sum up how I feel about this pairing.

Fandom: Law and Order: SVU
Characters: John Munch, Olivia Benson
Additional Tags: Cross-Generation Relationship, F/M
Request: Olivia and John work a case together. What happens? I would LOVE a shippy story, but gen is fine, too. I'd just love to see these two interacting, one-on-one, in a meaningful way.

So this request is fairly short and sweet, but please don't think I want it any less. I was so excited when SVU got through this year, because I think it really is kind of a rare fandom in terms of fanfic, and even if there is some, the chance of getting a pairing like Olivia/John written for you is virtually non-existent.

So basically, yes. Olivia and John. They are my two favourite characters in this show, and you know what's weird? I don't think they have ever worked a case together. And John barely even gets lines any more, and I miss him. So tell me a story about them working together. I'm going to be honest, I would love if it was shippy, but I would prefer that you write the characters true to you and true to themselves, and if you can't make them go there, that's okay. Mostly I just want to see how they deal with each other when they are forced into closeness.

Fandom: Wheel of Time - Robert Jordan
Characters: Siuan Sanche, Cadsuane Melaidhrin, Verin Mathwin
Additional Tags: None
Request: I picked these characters because they were on the list and because they are some of my favourites, and I hoped that anyone who offered all three of these characters would love Aes Sedai as much as I do. That said, I don't mind if my story only contains one of these characters, or if it fits one of my other requests instead.

Things I'd love: The White Tower, inside the Ajah quarters, missing scenes, Aes Sedai being sneaky and awesome.

Some ideas: Siuan/Gareth - fill in some of the blanks! Either before or after she bonded him, I want to see what happened between them. Siuan/Moiraine, - pillow friends, or their first meeting after Moiraine's rescue. Verin - tell me a story of what she did deep undercover, omg. Verin's story just floored me, and I would love to see an exploration of her now that we know the truth about her. Cadsuane/Sorelia, gen or fem.

Alternatively, give me some Tylin/Mat. I seriously, seriously loved that entire storyline (crossgen relationships are one of my favourite things!), and would LOVE to see some of those 'fade to black' moments serious NOT faded to black, or seeing any other interaction between them.

So, that request is pretty long-winded, but I guess when a book series is 13 volumes and counting, that's hardly surprising. Please note, the ideas are exactly that. I've mentioned pairings in the ideas, because I love them or the possibility of them intrigues me, but I am totally fine with gen about any of these characters, or any other pairings you might like to explore with them.

A note on the alternative idea: I am very much aware that Tylin/Mat was a problematic relationship. I am also aware that there are other things within the series as a whole that are problematic, and wanted to say that if you want to explore issues of consent or sexism or anything else, that's awesome. But please refrain from character-bashing any of my favourites listed here, or indeed any of the characters in general. I visit the DM forums from time to time, and I see a lot of character hate happening there, which I don't enjoy at all. Please keep any negative opinions about characters IC with the person thinking them.

As far as my 'realistic bodies' plea goes, I realise there is some leeway here in the slowing process for women who can channel. I'd actually love to see that explored some, but if that's not your thing or you're not sure, err on the side of a few wrinkles rather than taut perfection.

And just for fun, I'll leave this request in my letter in case you like it. This was originally one of my requests, but I changed it just before signups closed because no one was offering it. If you're stumped on the request we matched on and feel like checking this one out, you can find a little more info on Painted Lady and where to get it here.

Fandom: Painted Lady
Characters: Maggie Sheridan
Additional Tags: Backstory
Request: I’d love a backstory piece. What exactly happened on Oliver’s fortieth birthday? Tell me more about Maggie and Sebastian’s relationship. Tell me more about Maggie and Suzie’s childhood. Tell me about Maggie living rough in New York and Sebastian coming to find her. Tell me what happened after the credits rolled, when the cops found Maggie sitting over (removed the rest of this sentence for spolieryness cos I'm trying to convince my flist to see this). I seriously love this film, and would adore anything you could give me.

Not much to add to this in terms of story ideas. But, things I love about the canon: all the different relationships, most of all. The closeness of Maggie and Seb, the banter between Maggie and Oliver, the way Maggie and Suzie communicate, both verbally and non-verbally, in that way that sisters have. I also love the whole idea of transformation, and what happens to that after. Who is Maggie at the end of the story?

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