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Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, or a wonderful Saturday, if you don't celebrate. Boxing Day is drawing to a close for me, now, and I just woke from my post-lunch afternoon nap. Had one both days. Whee.

Pumpkin pie was a hit! My brother especially was dubious because omg pumpkin as desert, but everyone really enjoyed it! Including me. Yummy!

I received, among my loot, a copy of Judi Dench's 'And Furthermore', 'The Fry Chronicles', and 'Room'. You can tell I'm a reader - my gift pile always looks like BOOKS and a few other things (this year, perfume! Three bottles from different people!). Also, gift cards from Dad so I can go shopping :D.

In fandom news, [livejournal.com profile] hoggywartyxmas has started posting, and everything so far has been a winner! Go check out, and I will do some more specific recs later. Christmas chat was fun, too - it was great to 'meet' you all 'properly'! :D

Also, [livejournal.com profile] snape_ldws Secret Santas have been posted, and my gift is amazing!

Here Comes Santa Claus by [livejournal.com profile] albalark
Rita/Severus | R, bondage | What Rita wants, Rita gets.

Eeee! One of my OTPs! And Rita in a sexy Santa costume, and ahsghsggsfhsjsh YAY!

Go check out the comm for all the other drabbles, including my own, which is Minerva/Severus.

Also also, there's Yuletide!

Here is my gift, which is made of awesome! A fabulous look at the life of one of my favourite characters:

Life's Work
Wheel of Time - Robert Jordan | Verin Mathwin, Gen | Verin worked for a long time to gather all she knew, and kept her secrets until the hour of her death.

And here are a few recs from my first bit of reading:

Back to the Future | George McFly, Marty McFly, Gen | Marty's life isn't at all like how he left it.

A wonderful exploration of Marty having to live with the changes in his family and his life, post-canon.

Practical, and Magic
Bedknobs and Broomsticks | Carrie, Eglantine Price, Emelius Brown, Gen | Carrie thought that Miss Price was simply the most wonderful lady in the world.

Pitch-perfect Carrie voice, and a wonderful depiction of her relationship with Eglantine, and how it shapes her view of the world and her role in it.

I'm a Free Bitch
Bad Romance (Music Video) | Lady Gaga, Original character, Mature Gen | Racquel was sent to the Haus by her parents to become the perfect girl. But she came out a Monster.

A wonderful story with a dystopian sci-fi feel that tells a chilling story about the world depicted in the video.

Shades of Bittersweet
Beauty and the Beast - Disney | Various Characters, Gen | What if Belle married Gaston? A series of vignettes set ten years after Gaston's ultimatum.

This story is a wonderfully written and desperately sad alternative to the happy ever after.

For a Bit of Colored Ribbon
Downton Abbey | Various characters, Gen | Some of the ways war comes to Downton.

A wonderful continuation of the series and exploration of the way war affects its characters.

So there's a few for you, but I have barely scratched the surface of the 2000+ fics (!!!) posted this year. Go check out the Complete list of fandoms for the main collection. If the archive is overloaded, there's also the static list, but you do have to go back to the main site to leave comments.

Go scroll through the famdom list for anything that takes your fancy. I'll be flailing around for days, yet. :)
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