Dec. 25th, 2009

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Am full of oysters and rock lobster and salad and parmesan potatoes.

Santa has been good this year.

Am attempting to write a Yuletide treat for someone. Hope I manage to get it done before the archive goes live.

Merry Christmas, everyone!
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Okay, so I didn't get the treat finished. Was on the way, but then my Aunt called to wish us Happy Christmas and was chatty and stuff. Oh well. Mybe I can make it a bit longer and submit it as a NYR story at some later date.


So the archive opened, and OMFG my fic is quite possibly the best thing ever.

time it was, and what a time it was (or five times a library changed charlene's life) - Mature - The Librarian Series - Charlene, Judson, James Bond Movies, M

That's right, kids, it's a CROSSOVER. It has Charlene and backstory of Charlene's life and is full of awesome and wonderful, and it also has M FROM JAMES BOND omg I might die and go to heaven. It has great dialogue and desk!sex and seriously omg Charlene/Judson and he's all MYSTERIOUS SMILES and knowing more than he ever tells her and ajsgsjsjjsgsgkkshs anyone who ever read any of the Rita/Ollivander Rana and I wrote at SHH will know just how much I LOVE THAT OMG. Seriously, I almost suspect the person who wrote this knows me because she is RIGHT INSIDE MY HEAD.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Go read it! More recs later, when I get the chance to do some reading.


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