May. 26th, 2010

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Augusta Longbottom has been cast for the DH film.

Please allow me to express my opinion loudly:

FUCK YOU WB. FUCK YOU SO HARD. Who IS that? Seriously. WHO IS SHE? She has a grand total of TWO entries on her IMDB page. TWO. I CAN'T. I DON'T EVEN. WHAT.

Out of all the AWESOME AND AMAZING older British actresses you could have chosen for this part (so what if it's small? Gemma Jones was back in HBP, and she didn't even have any lines!), you picked SOME COMPLETE RANDOM for AUGUSTA FREAKING LONGBOTTOM?

LOOK AT THIS PICTURE. Look at it. You want someone who can pull of wearing stupid hats and still be formidable? Judi Dench.

And if anyone wants to say that she probably would have said no anyway because she's too busy delivering verbal smackdowns to Daniel Craig in another series of epic popularity, you can SHUT UP, okay? Because she totally would have been able to have tea with Maggie in her dressing room and they could have had PRETENDY WAND FIGHTS and GIGGLED LIKE LITTLE GIRLS in the DVD extras, and IT WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME.


Why are you so hit and miss, WB? I mean, okay, props for Bill Nighy as Scrimgeour and and Ciaran Hinds as Aberforth (I think, anyway - I'll wait to see him in costume), but this is another Helen McRory-as-Narcissa, which is so far out to sea on the failboat it makes me want to cry.

Okay. Rant over. I know return you to your regularly scheduled non-capslocky flist reading.


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