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/irritated flailing
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*hides this post from [livejournal.com profile] therealsnape*. I'm working on my fic, I swear! >.>

I blame this entirely on [livejournal.com profile] tetleythesecond *points in her direction, runs away*

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Have just been using the ?poster=username thinger to look through some communities where I've posted fic and other random throughout the years, and found a few things at [livejournal.com profile] hp_oldladysb that I'd forgotten I'd ever written/made.

A poem about flying, and a ridiculous McGonagall icon )

What a useful tool for nostalgia and also procrastination!
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Please accept this offering in lieu of actual content.

In other news, I has a tumblr: http://featherxquill.tumblr.com

I have no idea what to do with it, yet, but we shall see whether this one remains as unfathomable to me as Twitter, or if it is fun and awesome.
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This is just a little something I wrote a while ago. It was the beginning of a story that never did get finished (maybe next year) that I had already cut from the fic for being too tangential. I kind of like it on its own, though, so I thought I might post it just in case you guys do too.

Title: How to Catch a Unicorn
Characters: Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank, a unicorn
Rating: G
Summary: Patience and respect (also, apples)

How to catch a unicorn )


Nov. 26th, 2010 02:52 am
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So you guys I just saw the movie and

ahaghsfagfshgafshjsjs )
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I have about 25 tabs open of fics to read, some from weeks ago, all suffering from my need to write my own. But today I read two of them, both of which are brilliant, and you should all go and read them now.

To Bring Him Home by [livejournal.com profile] trixy_sky
Minerva/Severus, Rated T | In the immediate aftermath of the battle, Minerva remembers the Slytherins who fought and died, and makes a silent resolve to a man she once knew: to bring him home.

The best way I can think to describe this piece is heavy. Both the story and the language that this author uses have a weight to them - this is something that wants remembering. It's beautiful, and sad, and explores unexpected things: places in the castle we may not before have considered, ideas and understandings its characters had never before considered. Absolutely gorgeous.

Any Colour You Like by Anon at [livejournal.com profile] hp_darkfest
Tom Riddle, Albus Dumbledore | Dumbledore's version of the orphanage visit isn't the only one.

This is an exploration of both Tom's character that is chilling and humanising at once, but what I love most about it is the way it paints Dumbledore as someone whose actions, words and decisions were deeply flawed. A brilliant examination of character for both of them.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go read!
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I has a Yuletide assignment! And it is AWESOME. :D


*runs off to finish [livejournal.com profile] hoggywartyxmas fic first, omg.
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As fanfic writers, we are essentially textual poachers, aren't we?

But is it awkward, when we poach from each other?

Right now I feel like I am poaching someone else's character, only I'm probably not. I mean I am, a bit, in my head, but I am trying very hard (and hopefully succeeding) at making this character my own.

And, I mean, it's probably in my head. It's not like I read other people's Ritas, for example, and think 'hey this person took bits of my Rita'. Instead, I read other people's Ritas and think 'oh hey they took bits of Rita from fanon that I enjoy'.

I guess whenever you write a character that you feel someone else has made a significant mark on, you can't help but compare your version to that one, and consciously try to differentiate it.

But I am hung up on a WORD, here, an item of clothing, and that's just RIDICULOUS.

I suppose I will just have to write this character as she is in my head, and if that is coloured by other stories I have read about this character, then it's just going to have to be. And if the writer recognises her version of the character in mine any, then I hope she will take it as a homage, not a theft.

I guess that's how we recognise characters in fanon anyway, isn't it? Minor ones, at least. Because all the fic that has gone before has informed each new story, and built a character into a certain shape. Or something.

*shuts the fuck up and writes*
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Dear Yulegoat,

Hi! Firstly, thanks so much for volunteering to write in these fandoms that I love. I hope you're happy with your assignment, and will have fun writing it.

General things that I like )

Shrek )

Casino Royale )

Law and Order: SVU )

Wheel of Time - Robert Jordan )

And Special bonus fandom, Painted Lady )

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So, new meme entry, finally. ToM kind of ate my life. I did nothing productive for a number of days, just read and read and read.

Already answered )

9. Someone sexy


~ Dita Von Teese ~

So there are a lot of women I think are sexy, but 'sexy' for an individual is quite subjective, isn't it? So for this prompt I wanted to pick a woman who, while she doesn't necessarily conform to modern ideals of beauty, definitely embodies a timeless sort of sexiness, and sells it as her image. I wanted to pick a woman who is not devalued by being sexually objectified, but who owns and has control over her sexuality and the depiction of it.

So, Dita Von Teese. Fetish/glamour model and Burlesque performer (and what performance emphasises 'sexy' over 'sexual' better than Burlesque?). Costume designer, tight-lacer, businesswoman. Dita's sexy image is what she sells, and she combines it with what she loves - vintage costume and old world glamour. She is, to my mind, a gorgeous example of someone who is empowered by being looked at, rather than becoming an object of male gaze.

A few more pics, possibly NSFW )

Still to come )
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So, I just posted this at [livejournal.com profile] yuletide in the 'pimp your needy fandoms' thread, but thought I'd repost it here. Probably preaching to the choir here, but hey. Can't hurt.

Any Helen Mirren fans in the house?

Because one of my fandoms, Painted Lady, is nice and needy.

It's a minisieries, so you'll be all up to date in four hours. If you're a fan of British actors, it's a feast. Helen Mirren! Lesley Manville! Iain Glen!

It's got mystery and excitement, fake identities, art thievery! It has gay characters, a heroine who is sexy but in no way objectified, and is over forty! It has humour, and sadness, and lots of people with Irish accents.

On IMDb. DVD available on Amazon. Or, if you're strapped for cash, I would recommend joining warez-bb.org and clicking this link for, er, a detailed synopsis.

You can see the rest of the needy Yuletide fandoms here on A03.
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i. Still reading Towers of Midnight and writing my Hoggywartyxmas fic. New meme entry forthcoming.

ii. Yuletide signups are open! \o/ *runs around flailing about WHAT TO REQUEST OMG SO MANY IDEAS WHAT.

iii. This video is made of lulz.

iv. OMFG its a Rita promo pic eeeeeeeeeeee! )
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So, apparently I have been plagiarised. Or my fandom identity has been stolen. Or something, anyway. I don't even quite know. Someone has posted Educating Rita at AFF, claiming to be me (my old hotmail email address is even listed), but they have a) not asked my permission and b)added their own ending.

I don't even. What the actual fuck.

This has never happened to me before. I don't even know how to go about reporting it. I guess 'Report story' and 'Report Author' is the best place to start, but should I log into my hotmail account and email from there, or what?

I mean, who plagiarises and doesn't even claim the credit for themself? I don't understand.

And that new ending is SHIT. I am insulted that the fic got positive reviews with that ending -_-
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Britpick: The phrase 'knocked up'. Google tells me it is of American origin, but it has obviously traversed continents. Just wondering if it's a phrase that is commonly used in England or not? If not, is there more common slang for 'got herself pregnant', or would you just say 'got herself pregnant?'

Also: When you guys are writing about a character (who is not a Deatheater) thinking about Voldemort, what do you call him? I always hate this, because the idea of actually referring to a person, in your thoughts, as 'You Know Who' is bloody ridiculous, but only DEs (and Snape, and anyone else I can feasibly force to do it) call him the Dark Lord, and only Harry and Dumbledore call him by his name, so. It just sounds SO STUPID, though. How do you guys get around that?
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Please allow that to distract you while I hide under my covers and read Towers of Midnight forever.

Just started chapter 3.

"Well, this is a pot of fisherman's stew made only with the heads" - Oh, Siuan. Never change. ♥


Btw, fellow MiFus: any thoughts on this? I shall not tell what the fic idea is, nor whether or not it will actually be completed - that's really up to the characters who shout loudest in my head - but I kind of felt the need to share that in some way.
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Already answered )

8. Someone bitchy


~ Every Character Cornelia Frances has ever played ~

Including Herself, as a matter of fact. Cornelia Frances is an English-born Australian actress who is famous for her bitches, including Morag Bellingham on Home and Away, Sister Grace Scott in The Young Doctors ('strict and acidic', according to Wikipedia and clips that I've seen), Marie in the Australian stage production of Calendar Girls earlier this year (a role that was considerably rewritten for Cornelia's particular brand of authoritative bitchiness), and 'Herself' as a bitch, when she hosted Australia's version of The Weakest Link.

This woman has made a career out of being a bitch, and she's awesome at it, let me tell you. The woman herself, though, not so much. I read her biography 'And What Have You Done Lately?' when I was fifteen, and proceeded to write her a long-winded and probably kind of flaily fan letter. About a week later, I received a hand-written response. She is awesome ♥.

I could talk about how hilarious/fantastic Cornelia's bitches are, but I'd much rather show you. I've quite enjoyed watching some clips of her that some kind soul posted on Youtube. There's an entire playlist here, but here are some of my faves:

Two more under the cut )

Still to come )
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So I thought I'd update with an actual update today, instead of the needs-posting meme entry. Maybe I'll do the meme later (if I need the procrastination), or tomorrow. Or something.

I've been applying for jobs, but not so many last week as the week before, and not yet this week. Spent this morning taking my car over for service/rego check (argh, ngh, two new tyres and rear brake pads waaaah my wallet), then borrowing my mother's car to run a few errands. One of which was picking up the new Wheel of Time novel.

I HAS ME A COPY OF TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT, BITCHES. Once I crack the cover, don't expect to see me until I'm done.

This morning when I woke up, there was a comment in my inbox that told me that An Interesting and Difficult Woman has been nominated for a Deathly Hallows Award! :D :D :D Thank you to whoever it was that nominated it!

I am still catching up over at [livejournal.com profile] minerva_fest, and I'm also reading at [livejournal.com profile] hp_darkfest, which started posting on Halloween and has had some killers already so far. Seriously, guys, you all need to go and read this one:

The Road To Hell | Ginny/Harry, Kingsley | R | Harry and Ginny are young and in love, but can they escape the scars that the War has left behind?

THIS FIC. I CAN'T. Omg, seriously. The summary doesn't give anything away, here, doesn't even begin to talk about what is happening here, but trust me that this story is deeply, deeply unsettling and brilliantly written. I don't want to give away what unfolds as you read it, but just go. Now. Why are you still here?

On a completely different note, watch this. Made by a guy called Colin, based on cartoons from Hyperbole and a Half:

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Already answered )

7. Someone funny


Judith Lucy

Australians are usually pretty good at being funny, but one thing we don't have a lot of is female comedians. Comedy seems to be a fairly male dominated business across the board, but Britain and the US, at least, seem to have fairly high-profile female comedians - French and Saunders in the UK, people like Ellen Degeneres and all the SNL girls in the US - but Australia not so much. And so today I want to tell you guys about Judith Lucy, who is one of the few well-known female comedians in Australia.

Bio from her website:

Judith Lucy is one of Australia’s most popular comedians.

Her work in radio, television, film and her sell out national tours have made Judith Lucy a household name.

She first hit the scene in 1989 as a stand-up but sprang to national prominence in 1993 as part of the cast of ABC TV’s, The Late Show. She did a tour of duty on Triple J and was a regular on Martin/Molloy. Her live stage shows have been what has set Judith apart. Since her 1996 hit, King of the Road Judith has been a regular fixture on the live scene, selling out big rooms with her sharply observed and honest personal monologues.

In 2004 Judith Lucy was announced as the host of the 2DAY-FM Breakfast Show in Sydney, and was famously demoted and sacked the following year, which became the subject of Judith’s biggest tours, I Failed, which toured Australia in 2006.

Judith has also spent time contributing features and columns for the likes of The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and Madison Magazine.

‘The Lucy Family Alphabet’ was Judith’s attempt at writing about her nutty Irish parents as three dimensional people while also touching upon the discovery, at age 25, that she was adopted. The book was a roaring success and garnered countless reviews, as well as topping bestseller lists in 2008.

2009 will see Judith back on the stage, with her new solo show “Judith Lucy’s Not Getting Any Younger” This will be Judith’s ninth solo show, her first live tour since 2006 and marks her twentieth anniversary as a stand up comedian.

Her particular brand of no-holds-barred, self depreciating and often intensely personal humour is what, I think, makes her stand out so much. I saw her live once and loved the show to bits.

Two videos under the cut )

Still to come )
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Already answered )

6. A goddess


~ Medusa ~

Although Medusa could arguably be called a monster rather than a goddess, I think the title fits well enough. I remember first reading the myth of Medusa when I was in primary school, and thinking she was awesome. Because she was a girl, and she was scary and powerful. Also, snakes for hair. Fuck yeah.

Some thoughts on the Deeper Meanings of the Medusa Myth from this website:

Many have connected Medusa with sexuality, men as well as women. Freud, as you might expect, was one such theorist, linking her to the male fear of castration. Earlier, Goethe and Dante both interpreted Medusa as a dangerous seductive force to be resisted. One feminist perspective is that Medusa represents the personification of rape. Another feminist perspective, put forth by Page DuBois in her 1988 book Sewing the Body: Psychoanalysis and Ancient Representations of Women, is that Medusa symbolizes women's subversive, self-sufficient sexuality.

But the most horrifying psychosexual explanation, detailed among other places by Ellen D. Reeder in her 1996 book Pandora: Women in Classical Greece, is that the fundamental meaning of Medusa is a symbol of male fear of devouring female sexual potency. Building upon Freud's earlier thinking, Reeder theorized that Medusa's snaky locks represent pubic hair, her face female genitalia. In the mythology, Reeder points out, only men are turned into stone by gazing at Medusa.

This has to do, according to Barbara G. Walker in her 1983 book The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, with what's been termed the "toothed vagina." This symbol of biting, devouring female sexuality is thought have originated with the primordial fear that a woman's privates might amputate a man's privates during sex. This superstition, according to Walker, has existed in many different cultures around the world throughout history, among other places in China, Polynesia, Persia, the Islamic world, and medieval Christianity. And perhaps, even if subliminally, it existed in ancient Greece and Rome as well.

The psychosexual explanation ties in with how the Medusa image was used in patriarchal Greece and Rome. It could well be, at least on some level, that it's behind the fright caused by looking at the Medusa image and why men placed it on their armor when fighting other men and on coins when trading with other men.

Still to come )


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